Year 5 and 6 Maths workshop June 2022

Daniel HopaClasswork

On 8 and 22 June 2022 Stanborough Secondary School had the privilege of inviting the year 6 class from Stanborough Primary School over for some Maths workshops. A few year 5’s also joined in the fun activities.

Mrs Brambilla ran two workshops to address key some areas to assist the year 5’s and 6’s with the smooth transition from primary into secondary school maths. These workshops delved into the topics of plotting a System of Axes and BIDMAS.

Some year 6’s had visited in 2021, when they were in year 5, whilst the primary school was having repairs done to their roof and it was wonderful to experience them back in the secondary school maths classroom and bask in their enthusiasm once again.

They warmed up nicely to Mrs Brambilla and did brilliantly when asked to try some questions on their own! Their eagerness was infectious, and we hope that their experience of being with us was just as wonderful for them as it was for us!