Stanborough Boarding School

About the Boarding School

Boarding is an integral part of life here at Stanborough. Our boarders are fully supported at every stage of their journey through school with us by a team of trained, caring, trustworthy, and dedicated boarding staff who live and work alongside the students and through the excellent working relationships and rapport we establish with parents and with our guardians.

Our culture of international diversity offers our boarders an opportunity to foster friendships and learn about life in different parts of the world. All of our students are encouraged to create a home away from home in boarding.

As a parent, you can expect to receive official reports twice a year, including updates about your child's adjustment to life in the boarding school environment. We maintain close contact with parents and encourage the boarders to share their concerns with us.

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Our Facilities

With indoor common areas on all three floors, pupils in the boarding school have many options for studying, socialising, or relaxing in their free time, regardless of the weather.



En-suite double rooms provide students with comfortable and ample living space. Every room offers each student a wardrobe, desk, shelves, bed and bathroom facilities. Many rooms provide unobstructed views of the woodland in Stanborough Park.

The boarding staff team members perform regular room inspections to ensure the safety and comfort of each and every student. Rooms are located in corridors on floors separated by gender. Additionally, junior and senior students are accommodated separately to promote a better studying environment.



During the week, a variety of vegetarian dishes are provided for the students in the dining hall for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our boarding staff eat meals alongside the students in the dining hall.

Meal times vary slightly on the weekends, and include extended hours to accommodate a Sunday brunch. Students can also opt to prepare their own meals in the kitchette, or order takeaway meals for delivery.


Our Activities

We offer a wide variety of after-school activities that encourage team work and soft skills development.

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