Dear Year 9 Students and Parents,

Welcome to your Year 9 Pathways Choice Booklet.

This is a crucial transition and will require you to make some important decisions about which subjects you would like to study over the next two years. It is essential that you make the right choices so that you end up with a range of subjects that are interesting and stimulating and will provide you with the best chances of being successful in your examinations. 

Some subjects are compulsory and must be studied by all students. These include: 

English Language
English Literature
Religious Studies
PE (Games) (Not GCSE)
PSHE/Citizenship/Careers (Not GCSE)

However, in order to support these compulsory subjects, you will also have the opportunity to select two or three other subjects of your own choice. These include French, Spanish, Geography, History, Art, Business, Computer Science, Music. 

This booklet contains a list of the compulsory and optional subject choices available to you, depending on numbers. Please read this booklet carefully with your parents or carers and talk to them about the areas that interest you, complement your talents and may help you to achieve your future ambitions. Over the next few weeks, you could talk with your form tutor in our form time, watch presentations from each subject area, giving you a real insight to what you would be studying if you select one of these. 

Once you have read this booklet and discussed all the available options presented to you with your parents or carers, you will be required to choose your options.

We will do our very best to ensure you get the subjects of your choice. However, should there be a lack of demand, it may be necessary to remove a particular subject from the list and place those students affected into their second choice. Not all first choices can be accommodated so it is important that when you choose a second choice you recognise that these may be used. You will be notified of your final course allocations in writing. I hope you find this information useful and look forward to your continued success in the next phase of your time at Stanborough Secondary School.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Jeanetta Liburd





Choosing an Option
• Research all your options before making a decision
• Do not fall into the trap of thinking some subjects are only for boys and some only for girls – this is not true
• If you have a firm career idea, choose subjects you need to meet the entry requirements for future study
• If you do not have a firm career idea, choose subjects that will give you plenty of choice
• Make the most of your careers education lessons and ask for help if you need it
• You need good information, advice and guidance to help you choose well 

Option Form