Our Vision, Values and Aims

School Theme for 2021 - 2022

Audax at Fidelis - Bold but faithful

Bible Verse

"11according to the eternal purpose which He accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord, 12 in whom we have boldness and access with confidence through faith in Him." Ephesians 3: 11- 12

Our Vision

Creatively developing global leaders in a safe, value-driven learning environment and where no child is left behind.

school values for 2021 – 2022

Respect – Integrity – Courage – Resilience – Excellence – Helpfulness

Our Mission

  1. Stanborough School seeks to honour and glorify God through Christ-centred education. Reflecting Biblical principles we are committed to excellence in teaching the mind, reaching the heart and inspiring students to attain their full potential.
  2. Because God is the Master of our school (school motto), we will glorify Him by teaching and nurturing our students in their spiritual, academic, physical and social growth and development, reflecting the character of Christ.
  3. Stanborough School prepares and teaches its students to grow in excellence, equipping them to realize their God given potential, in their spiritual, academic, physical, and social arenas, positively contributing to society by living lives that glorify Him.

Our Aims

Educational Success
To develop and consolidate skills knowledge and understating of the programs of study for KS3 and the KS4 syllabus for GCSE, to ensure more assessment proficient learners.  Teach a good level of numeracy, literacy (speaking, writing, reading and listening) and computing skills.

Spiritual and Moral Foundation
A clear understanding of how the world works, God’s role in the world and their lives, and the contribution they can make in their community and society.

Life-long Learning
Students will be prepared for Sixth Form/College, life after school, work and university and explore their opportunities.

Social & Cultural Growth
Helping pupils to develop socially and culturally so that they can better understand the world, practice tolerance and treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Physical Vitality
Health and well-being/relationships skills to be able to achieve positive self-actualization and self-esteem, essential factors for heightened wellbeing.

Every Child (Inclusive approach to education)
We are determined to ensure every child is able to fulfil their full potential and those facing particular obstacles are supported to overcome them.

Good leadership skills to support transition into adulthood foster the skills and character to be responsible citizens, and promote social and emotional well-being.

At Stanborough, we are committed to providing the structure and support our students need to meet and surpass national academic targets.

We are committed to working closely with our parents to ensure that all students internalise values, such as tolerance, accountability and personal responsibility, that will empower them to become successful, honourable citizens our global community.

Are you looking for a school with a tradition of excellence, small class sizes, highly qualified teachers, and effective pastoral care?

At Stanborough, we provide the structure and support each student needs to achieve academic success. As a result of this, our students consistently meet and surpass national averages at the GCSE level. We also provide numerous opportunities for students to cultivate the social skills that will empower them to interact well with members of the wider society.

As a Christian school, Stanborough seeks to sensitise all students of the need to live a life that is pleasing in the eyes of God. British values such as democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect for and tolerance are actively taught. Students are provided with multiple opportunities to internalise the values and attitudes that will empower them to achieve personal and academic success in our global community.

Our History

When it was first founded in 1919, Stanborough School catered primarily to the children of overseas missionaries. This changed when the decision was made to offer a wider range of students access to the quality education provided at Stanborough.

Since opening our doors in 1919, Stanborough has grown so much, that in 1974 the Primary School moved to a new facility. In 1990, the Primary School added an Early Learning Unit and in 1991, the construction of a new complex for the secondary and boarding school students was completed.