There is a special feel to stanborough Secondary School, that is noticeable from the moment you step through the gates.  Children sit at the heart of all we do; we strive every day to make a difference to each member of the school’s community, giving the children the tools, they will need to be successful in life.  The community is diverse and welcoming, actively seeking to integrate new families and staff into the fold, making all feel supported.  We support people in coming together, overcoming barriers, building purpose and making the most of the place they live in.  

“We aspire to a community with ambition, resilience and influence. A community that cares for itself, is keen to collaborate and share, and is proud of the diverse groups that make it up”  

We have three aspirations:

  • Getting Ready, communities that have stronger voices, the resources and the desire to actively engage with change;
  • Moving Forward, communities that are ready to participate in the creation of their own futures, overcome barriers and seize opportunities;
  • Stronger Together, communities that are connected, inclusive and cohesive, willing to come together, build solidarity and act.

The model is built on our principles of Early Action, meeting needs at the earliest possible stage and preventing future crisis, and Deep Value relationships, building bonds with people, which inspire confidence, unlock potential and have the power to transform. 

“We want our community to be defined by what it dreams of, not what holds it back” 

Mr James (Headteacher) 

Our local links include:  

Our Community DayEvery September we reach out to our local community here in Watford for a day of service.  The activities include fence painting, working at the Meriden Community Centre Food Bank, taking early Christmas gifts to children at Watford General Hospital, packing food bags at the One Vision depot, collecting donations at Leavesden Co-op on behalf of Mencap.  In past years we have painted community centre wall and play structures, washed cars, collected litter in the local parks, collecting donations on behalf of The Homeless Warriors, gardening work on behalf of the aged or disabled. 
ADRA ADRA is the global humanitarian arm of the Seventh-day Adventist Church—part of the 20-million strong Adventist community, with hundreds of thousands of churches globally and the world’s largest integrated healthcare and education network.  ADRA-UK is a part of a worldwide network with ADRA offices that are locally registered and recognized. When a disaster occurs, the local ADRA Office in that region will have trained local staff, ready to implement an efficient emergency response.  With the relationships ADRA has developed with communities and governments, ADRA is often one of the first to gain access to a disaster site. With the strength that comes from the worldwide ADRA network, funds and supplies are quickly mobilized. Each country office is registered in the country where it is established and is responsible to a local Board of Directors. Each office solicits funding and implements projects at their own discretion. As a network, ADRA is implementing thousands of projects, benefitting many millions of people each year. Each year Stanborough School sends about 100 shoe boxes through ADRA to children who need basic items which for them are luxuries.  The boxes contain, stationary, note books, toys, under garments, shorts, shirts, dresses and blouses. To find out more about ADRA follow this link:  
One Vision   We support the One Vision Charity Founded in August 2018, One Vision is a community-based, registered charity that provides practical support to vulnerable individuals and families in the Watford area. One Vision works with different communities, faiths, ethnic groups, charities, non–profits and government institutions in Watford and Three Rivers. One Vision unites local stakeholders to create strong community leadership and bring about real change. The charity is built upon the following four pillars: One Voice, Mental Health, Food Programme and the Watford Youth Council.  Watford Youth Council There are more than 620 active youth councils across the UK. Watford Youth Council is a Watford-based charity organisation that endeavours to give a voice to the young people of Watford, whether that may be finding employment opportunities or raising money and awareness for local charities. They work closely with prominent figures in the community and with the One Vision charity to achieve their goals.  Food Programme The One Vision Food Programme helps break the cycle of poverty by temporarily providing basic food items for individuals and families who are facing financial difficulties.   Some do not have a choice between feeding their family or paying their bills.  Beneficiaries include disadvantaged families, school children and low-income individuals, whose needs have been increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Mental Health In January 2021, One Vision consulted with Watford’s ethnic and minority communities to better understand the barriers, stigmas and cultural sensitivities associated with mental health. One Vision found that people from ethnic and minority backgrounds experience significant barriers to free mental health services. Obstacles include Language barriers, cultural barriers where mental health issues are perceived as “taboo”, stereotyping, especially when it comes to media portrayals of people of colour, community stigmas that stop people from seeking help, lack of mental health awareness, racially insensitive or culturally insensitive professionals, elevated levels of racial trauma and cultural PTSD, conscious or unconscious biases, social and economic inequalities. Other intersectional factors (disability, race, sexuality, gender, and age issues).   One Voice The mission is to engage with local communities for a stronger voice together; to coordinate their views so they are heard and considered; and to empower them to influence future policies and actions that benefit local society. For more information about One Vision follow the link: 

One Vision Documentary
Watford Youth CouncilThere are more than 620 active youth councils across the UK. Watford Youth Council is a Watford-based charity organisation that endeavours to give a voice to the young people of Watford, whether that may be finding employment opportunities or raising money and awareness for local charities. They work closely with prominent figures in the community and with the One Vision charity to achieve their goals.
 PathfindersPathfinders and Adventurers is a world-wide organisation sponsored by the Seventh day Adventist Church. It is designed for children aged 3 – 15 years. Many Stanborough pupils are members.
The objectives of Pathfinders and Adventurers is to teach children life skills and help them build a relationship with God. The club welcomes all children from all walks of life. The Pathfinder and Adventurer programme encourages a wide range of activities from community outreach projects to attending international camps across the world.
The Pathfinder and Adventurer programme has curriculums levels, which are age specific and designed to challenge children, including over 300 specialised, skill development badges, involving household arts, outdoor industries, community work, health, science, arts and crafts, nature, recreation and vocational development.
The Pathfinder club model encompasses a holistic social, moral, spiritual and mental framework which, as the Director for the South of England, I am proud to lead because the programme has successfully proven the positive development of children who attend and participate in these clubs. From 12-18 September 2021, we are encouraging all our Pathfinder Club members to wear their scarves, in preparation to celebrate the 71st Anniversary of the World Pathfinder Movement on 18 September 2021. Information about the Pathfinder Club can be found here: .
To know more about our local UK chapter of the Pathfinder movement you can go here: .
Stanborough Primary School  Stanborough Primary School  Situated in the peaceful surroundings of an attractive park, the Primary School is a modern one storey building with bright airy classrooms each with an outside door and individual patios where classroom activities can extend in mild weather. The park offers ample space for 2 football pitches, an adventure playground and areas of woodland which the children can study. The mission is to provide, with God’s Help, a learning, caring, serving and responsible community where all people are valued for who they are and for who they may become as children of God. The school acknowledges that the primary responsibilities for establishing Christian values in a child are the Home and the Church. The Primary School wish to play their part in assisting young people learn the basic tenets of Christianity and empower them to apply these in their lives now and in the future. In co-operation with the home, the school seeks to inspire its learners to take an active interest in making the community a better place in which to live, to appreciate cultural and scientific advances, to be excited by learning and to develop positive attitudes towards all people. All members of the staff are committed to giving quality education in a caring Christian environment where the worth and personal development of each learner is respected and enhanced. The school endeavours to help learners distinguish between performance and their inherent worth. Each learner must know that his/her performance has no bearing on their worth as an individual.  The school is open to all children without regard to their ethnic background, sex, national origin or religious affiliation. As an independent Christian school, Stanborough Primary School is concerned with upholding family values, respect for authority and the overall development of each learner. For more information about the Primary School follow this link: 
Stanborough Church  Stanborough Church Stanborough Park Seventh-day Adventist Church is situated beside the school and the British Union Conference office within a private parkland in Garston on the outskirts of Watford, Hertfordshire, England. With its rich history and ever presence in the community of Watford, you are sure to find a warm welcome at this church. The mission is to know Christ and make Him known by serving the people of Watford community through worship, social activities and community work aimed at all ages. Everyone is welcome to pop in at any time or join in with the bible study and worship on Saturday mornings. Seventh-day Adventist beliefs are meant to permeate your whole life. Growing out of scriptures that paint a compelling portrait of God, everyone is invited to explore, experience and know the One who desires to make us whole. For information follow this link: 


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