Stanborough School fosters an atmosphere of community and family, catering for pupils from Year 7 to Year 11. Currently, we have a student body of just under 60 pupils. As a result of this we are able to keep class sizes on average of 8 students, which allows each pupil to receive individual attention and to develop self-confidence.

GCSE results 2020 (Attainment)

How grades were determined in summer 2020
The school has made a holistic, professional judgement about each student’s likely grade taking into account evidence such as any mock results, other assessments, assignments, performances in subjects such as music, classwork and homework. To help us make realistic judgements, we were also asked to take into account how this year’s students compared to those of previous years, the prior attainment of this year’s students relative to that of previous students and previous results in the school for the subject. Ofqual then made clear that these Centre Assessment Grades (CAGs) would be subject to a process of standardisation that would combine a range of evidence including:

  • Expected grade distributions at national level
  • Results in previous years at individual centre level
  • The prior attainment profile of students at centre level

School Attainment

  • 94% of students achieved a grade 4 in 5 or more of their GCSEs. This is compared to 89% the previous year.
  • For English Language and Literature, Art, Chemistry, French, Geography, History, Music and Spanish, every student achieved a grade 4 or higher (9 subjects). This is in comparison to the previous year, where only Geography and History had 100% of its students’ grade 4 or higher.
  • Every subject, except physics had a greater percentage of students achieve a grade 4 or higher. Also, note that Physics had only deceased by 1%.
  • In every subject, except Computing and Physics, had a greater percentage of students achieved a grade 4 or higher compared to the national average.
  • A significant percentage of students for History (50%) and Music (100%) are high achievers in that they achieved either a grade 8, or a grade 9.
  • 100% of females achieved a grade 4 in 5 or more of their GCSEs. This is compared to 90% of males.
  • No students had their results taken down by Ofqual compared to the results presented to them from teacher assessments.
  • 1 student in English Language, 2 students in Biology, 7 students in Religious Studies and 2 students in Mathematics had results increased compared, to the results presented to them from teacher assessments.
Detailed Actual GCSE Results 2020

The table below shows our GCSE attainment for the last six years.

A**/9 gradesN/A8%8%
A**/9 – A*/8 grades14%3%12%19%19%
A**/9 – A/7 grades32%9%33%33%6%37%
A**/9 – B/6 grades65%29%67%53%20%59%
A**/9 – C/5 grades85%65%96%62%53%95%
A**/9 – C/4 grades 75%
5 or more A**/9 – C/4
incl. English & Maths
5 or more A**/9 – C/494%
100% (65%)*72%

* – In the last row, the percentage in brackets are the national figures which are included for comparison.

These results are even more admirable when you consider that Stanborough is a mixed ability school with a high international enrolment.

We are proud of the achievements of our pupils and staff and will continue to strive for excellence.

Pupils should be proud of their achievements and hard work and, despite not having the chance to sit the exam, these great grades should stand as testament to the academic progress and ambition of Stanborough’s pupils. I am delighted that the calculations show that our results have improved since the last academic year.

Our healthy, balanced approach leads to pupils fulfilling their academic potential while developing the whole child.