Stanborough School will ensure that the quality of teaching and pastoral care offered to pupils will be of the highest order. However, if parents have a complaint they can expect it to be treated by the school in accordance with this procedure. We are always willing to listen to concerns and anxieties, parental and pupil concerns being of particular importance. We aim for the closest co-operation between parents and the teachers to whom our pupils are entrusted. Dealing with parental concerns is a vital part of the ethos and mission of Stanborough School. We aim to be open about the decisions we make and the actions we take and will always explain our rationale.

Stage 1 – Informal Resolution

It is hoped that most complaints and concerns will be resolved quickly and informally if parents feel able to voice them as soon as they arise. Obviously, the more information the school gives to parents the less scope there is for misunderstanding. Parents will be encouraged to give feedback, preferably to the person concerned. In most cases, discussion, explanation, further information or an apology, if appropriate, will resolve any issues. Every effort will be made to allay concerns at this stage and with the least possible formality. Our ideal is that no concern should ever become a formal complaint, as through open dialogue, a resolution should always be accomplished. Concerns can be addressed orally or in writing to the form teacher, Senior teacher, Assistant Headteacher or Headteacher who will seek to resolve issues of concern within 48 hours.  The member of staff dealing with the matter will make a written record of all concerns and complaints and the date they were received. Should the matter not be resolved within (five) 5 school days, or in the event that the our staff and parents fail to reach a satisfactory resolution, parents will be advised to proceed with their complaint in accordance with Stage 2 of this procedure. A note should be kept of the date a resolution was reached and the agreed nature of this.

You can contact members of staff at

Formal Resolution

Any formal complaints should be addressed in writing to the Headteacher and be signed and dated.  In most cases, the Headteacher will speak to the parents concerned, normally the day of receiving the complaint so as to discuss the matter. If possible, a resolution will be reached at this stage. The headteachers email address is

Should a parent or guardian have a complaint about the Headteacher, an approach should first be made to the Chair of the Board at Stanborough School whose contact details are: Pr Eglan Brooks , Chair of the Board of Governors, Stanborough School, Stanborough Park, Watford, Hertfordshire WD25 9JT, Telephone: 01923673268 Email: This should include the nature of the complaint and how the school has handled it so far. 

Please see our complaints policy for further details: