Students’ achievement and progress is dependent on attending school every day and being on time to school and lessons. Students should arrive to school no later than 8:35am.

To ensure a students’ attendance is good please:

  • Arrange doctors and dentist appointments outside of school hours
  • Do not take holidays during term time
  • Only take time off for serious illness or medical reasons

Authorised absence can only be given for:

  • Essential hospital appointments – with an appointment card or letter from the clinic or hospital
  • Serious illness – with a reason explaining nature of the illness

We understand that sometimes there may be family circumstances that lead to absence. In these circumstances parents/carers should contact the school to discuss this further.

Authorised absence cannot be given for:

  • Family holidays during term time
  • Family errands or duties such as child care, shopping trips, awaiting deliveries.

For more information on authorised and unauthorised absence please refer to our Attendance Policy.

Students should ensure they are on time to school by:

  • Organising their bag and equipment at home so that they have enough time to get to school by 8:35am at the latest.
  • Planning their journey to school and timing it to ensure they leave enough time to get to school on time.

We encourage our students to aim for 100% attendance but we understand that sometimes that is not possible. If a student is ill, or cannot attend school, a parent/carer should inform the school by telephone on the first morning, and every morning thereafter.