Year 5 and 6 Maths workshop June 2022

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On 8 and 22 June 2022 Stanborough Secondary School had the privilege of inviting the year 6 class from Stanborough Primary School over for some Maths workshops. A few year 5’s also joined in the fun activities. Mrs Brambilla ran two workshops to address key some areas to assist the year 5’s and 6’s with the smooth transition from primary … Read More

GCSE results 2020 (Attainment)

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How grades were determined in summer 2020 The school has made a holistic, professional judgement about each student’s likely grade taking into account evidence such as any mock results, other assessments, assignments, performances in subjects such as music, classwork and homework. To help us make realistic judgements, we were also asked to take into account how this year’s students compared … Read More

Up For Marine Engineering?

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I have never thought about being an engineer before, so I was not particularly excited about this workshop. I like to study maths and physics, but engineering wasn’t an option that I considered until the Marine Engineering Workshop that Stanborough School organised for us.  A friendly marine engineer came to deliver the workshop and it was an interesting experience for … Read More

It’s elections time in Stanborough School!

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After talking to a real politician and getting their beliefs together, the full immersion students from year 9 and 10 officially started their political campaign in assembly on the 22nd of January. This is part of a project, for the subject of Humanities, and will last till the 5th of February, when the school will vote for the best candidate. Divided into … Read More