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Films to enjoy with your family, to inspire & educate yourself:

Number Class Author Title Back of the DVD True story
DVD Beyond the Next Mountain A story of how a Hmar tribe has received Scriptures in their own
DVD The Fourth Wise Man Based on Henry van Dyke’s classic, “The Story of the Other Wise
Man”, a fictional story set in biblical times, told in gently comic terms. A Magi named Artaban studies the prophecies and witnesses a sign in the heavens that he hopes will lead him to the Messiah. For 33 years Artaban and his servant Orantes pursue Jesus, only to miss Him at ever turn. The story culminates on Easter Sunday as Artaban, old and dying, finally encounters the new King, bringing peace to his final moments of life.
DVD Grace Card After police officer Mac McDonald loses his son in an accident,
years of bitterness and pain erode his love for his family and leave him angry with God…and everyone else. Can Mac and his new patrol partner, Sgt. Sam Wright, somehow join forces to help one another when it’s impossible to look past their differences-especially the most obvious one? Every day, we have the opportunity to rebuild relationships and heal wounds by extending and receiving God’s grace.
DVD Heidi When orphaned Heidi is sent away to the mountains to live with her
grumpy grandfather she meets a frosty welcome. But soon, with the help of her animal friends the two start to grow to love each other. However, their idyllic world is turned upside down by the arrival of Heidi’s greedy aunt, who comes to take Heidi from grandfather and then sells her to the evil Madame Rottenmeier to be a companion to the invalid girl in her care. Despite her ability to make friends, Heidi soon misses her grandfather and longs to return to the mountains…
DVD The Hiding Place Beautifuly restored, this insipring true story of holocaust survivor
Corrie ten Boom now outshines its own stunning Hollywood premiere. With the WWII Nazi invasion of Holland, the ten Boom family joins the underground resistance to help save persecuted Jewish families. But when they are arrested and imprisoned in concentration camps themselves, they’re left with nothing to cling to but their faith.
DVD The Inn of the Sixth Happiness The inn of the sixth happiness is based on the true life story of
Gladys Aylward who led by her dream to be a missionary journeys to China and opens an inn for the tired, hungry mule drivers crossing desolate mountains trails. Gradually overcoming the natives’ hostility she helps the local population. But her greatest feat is achieved during the Japanese invasion of China when she leads one hundred homeless children to safety across enemy-held terrain.
DVD Letters to God A hearfelt tale of inspiration, hope and redemtpion, Letters to God is
the story of what happens when one boy’s walk of faith crosses paths with one man’s search for meaning-the resulting tranformational jouney touches the lives of everyone around them
DVD More Than Dreams For decades, a phenomenon has been recurring in the Muslim world. Men and women, without any knowledge of the Gospel and without any contact with Christians, have been forever transformed after experiencing dreams and visions of Jesus Christ. Here are five stories of former Muslims who now know Jesus as their Saviour, recreated in docu-drama format. yes
DVD Mother Teresa The story of Mother Teresa yes
DVD David Dimbleby A Picture of Britain Britain as it is…
DVD Pilgrim’s Progress Based on John Bunyan’s book
DVD Pride An inspiring story of how a bunch of boys and a girl became a
true team and won medals in life…If your hobby is swimming you will want to watch this one.
DVD Robber of the Cruel Streets: The Story of George Muller He began life as a thief, a cheat and a drunkard, but an encounter
as a student with Jesus Christ changed all that. Today he is remembered as the man who, in his lifetime, raised in today’s money a staggering one hundred million pounds and used it to provide homes and welfare for the 120,000 orphans he “robbed” from Bristol’s cruel streets. This he did without making any appeals or using fundraising techniques, but simply by prayer.
DVD Mark Gungor Sex, Darting & Relating This is the highly anticipated and much sought after information on
teenage dating and teen sex. Mark Gungor and Laugh Your Way America put together basic information that every teen needs to know when it comes to the subjects of teen sex, teenage dating and relating.
DVD Time Changer The year is 1890 and Bible professor Russel Carlisle has written a new manuscript entitled “The Changing times”. His book is about to receive a unanimous endorsement from the board members of the Grace Bible Seminary until his colleague Dr Norris Anderson raises an objection. Dr Anderson believes that what Carlisle has written could greatly affect the future of coming generations. Using a secret time machine, Anderson sends Carlisle over 100 years into the future, offering him a glimpse of where his beliefs will lead.
DVD Wesley Step into 18th century England and experience the transformation
of one man whose heart-wrenching search for peace haunts him even as he pours himself into a life of service and evangelism. Now, for the first time, Wesley’s fascinating spiritual struggle is presented in this award-wining feature film based on John’s own private journals. A heart transformed can change the world.
DVD What if… What if…, tells the story of Ben Walker (Kevin Sorbo), who fifteen
years ago left his college sweetheart Wendy (Kristy Swanson), and his calling to be a preacher, in order to pursue a business opportunity. Now with a high-paying executive gig, a trophy fiancé, and a new Mercedes, he hasn’t considered a family nor felt the need to set foot in a church in fifteen years.But…God has other plans. What if… is a story of finding your true purpose in life.
DVD Fireproof At work, inside burning buildings, Capt. Caleb Holt lives by the old firefighter’s adage:Never leave your partner behind. At home, in the cooling embers of his marriage, he lives by his own rules. His job is to rescue others. Now Caleb Holt is ready to face his toughest job ever…rescuing his wife’s heart.