New Arrivals

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Christian fiction
“The Knight and the Dove” by Lori Wick 248.WIC-005
 “Comrades of the Trail” by Colleen Reece 248.REE-003
“That Book in the Attic” by Helen Oswald 248.OSW-001
“Worlds Apart” by Gail Vinnal 248.VIN-100
“Shipwreck on Devil’s Island” by Elaine Egbert 248.EGB-002
” Young Gymnast” by Joan Jackman 796.052
“Young Swimmer” by Jef Rouse 797.300
“Dance” by Andree Grau 792.100
“The Crown and the Crucible”by Michael Phillips and Judith Pella 813.PHI-001
“Nick and Co In A Fix” by Bob Croson 823.CRO-200
“Nostromo” by Joseph Conrad 823.CON-101
“Pop Princess” by Cathy Hopkins 823.HOP-003
“Survive: Ocean Terror” by Jack Dillon 823.DIL-001
” When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit” by Judith Kerr 823.KER-001
“Miau” by Perez Galdos 863.PER-001
“Ararat” by D M Thomas 823.THO-200
“Terrier In the Tinsel” by Ben Baglio 813.BAG-001
“After” by Morris Gleitzmann 823.GLE-005
“Love and kisses” by Jean Ure 823.URE-001
“Design” by Terence Conran 745.006
” Watercolour Workshop” by Glynis Barnes-Mellish 751.003
” The Earth form the Air 365 Days” by Yann Arthus-Bertrand 778.007
Short stories
” Quickening Pulse 3″ by D J Brindley 806.QUI-002
” The Quickening Pulse 4 ” by D J Brindley 806.QUI-001
“Chocolate for a woman’s heart” 806.ALL-001
English & Literarure
“Aspects of Othello” by Kenneth Muir and Philip Edwards (Ed) 809SHA.4-009
“Charles Dickens” by Steven Connor 809DIC.3-002
“Hamlet” by Martin Cotle (Ed) 809SHA.4-003
” Sailing After Knowledge:The Cantos of Ezra Pound” by George Dekker 809POU.2-001
“What Happens in Hamlet” by John Dover Wilson 809SHA.4-003
“Four English Comedies of the 17th and 18th Centuries” by J M Morrell 822.FOU-001
“Wordsworth:Lyrical Ballads ” by Alun Jones 809WOR.1-002
“The School for Scandal and the Critic” by R B, Sheridan 822.SHE-101
Classics & Plays
“Dr Faustus” by Christopher Marlowe 822.MAR-001
“Masks for A Dead King and Other Plays for Classroom Reading” by J P Taylor 822.TAY-002
“Ghosts and Other Plays”by Henrik Ibsen 839.2IBS-004
“Tales form Ovid” by Ted Hughes 871.OVI-002
Bible novels
“Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers 247.RIV-001
“Dahveed: Yahwah’s Fugitive (Book 3)” by Terri Fivash 247.FIV-005
“Dahveed: Yahwah’s Fugitive (Book 4)” by Terri Fivash 247.FIV-006
“Education” by Ellen White 200.302
“The Desire of Ages” by Ellen White 200.250
” Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder” 616.003
Christian growth
“Sex God : Exploring the Endless Connections Between Sexuality and Spirituality” by Rob Bell 241.017
” Blue Like Jazz” by Miller Donald 241.001
Law/Human Rights
“Human Rights” by Charles Freeman 323.001
“The Influence of Religion in Law” by Alfred Denning 340.002
“Local Government” by P W Jackson 352.001
“United Nations” by Stewart Ross 341.001
“Ec Legislation 2000-2001” by Nigel Foster 354.011
“A Child’s War” by Bihet Molly 828.BIH-001
” A Man Named David” Dave Pelzer 921.PEL-001
“E.Encyclopedia: Animal” by Sarah Larter (Ed) 591.009
” A Lot of Bottle” by Derek Rutherford 362.200
“Faces In the Smoke” by Arthur Benjamin 921.PER-100
“London: A City Revealed” 914.019
Stories/True Stories/Tales
“The Story of Borge” by H C Branner 839.1BRA-001
” Tales of Real Spies” by Fergus Fleming 327.001
“Tales of War” by Mihail Sadoveanu 859.SAD-001
“You Absolutely Couldn’t Make It Up” by Jack Crossley 827.CRO-001
“Crime Scene: The Ultimate Guide to Forensic Science” by Richard Platt 364.003