Junior Maths Challenge 2022

Daniel HopaCompetition

Just after the Easter break 19 students from Year 7 and 8 took part in the Junior Maths Challenge.

Using Google Classroom, students could work through past papers to prepare them for the day. One version was an online paper, which gave them the opportunity to experience a ‘live’ test, thus familiarising them with the structure and pace of the test. On the morning of 28 April, armed only with lined paper and a pencil, they had one hour to complete 25 questions.

Each participant received a certificate, but we would like to congratulate the following who gained recognition for their intuitive minds:

Oluwamureayotomiwa, who recently joined Stanborough School, achieved 67 points, thus earning himself a silver certificate. Junior Maths Challenge awards all those who achieve more than 66 points with silver certificates. Oluwamureayotomiwa came first in the school and top in his year group.

A few students achieved bronze certificates. These are issued for those who get 52 points or more. They were:

Neriya (53 points)
Reevka (54 points)
Antony (58 points)
Gaia (59 points) and achieved the top in her year group.
Ruby (64 Points) and if you look carefully, she missed a silver certificate by only 2 points!

Sarah missed a bronze certificate by 3 points!

We are extremely proud of all our students for taking part in this year’s Junior and Senior Maths Challenges and look forward to running it again next year. Many who took part this year have shown interest in taking part again next year! This is a very exciting and we enjoy seeing such a growth mindset amongst our students.