Boarding School Fair

Daniel HopaNews

Last Thursday Stanborough, along with 59 other independent schools from across the country, was given the opportunity to represent our school at the Boarding School Fair in Shrivenham.

The fair was organised by the UK Defence Academy, for military families who may be considering educating their children at a Boarding School or an independent school. Three of our staff members attended the event in hopes of directly talking with a variety of different families currently serving in the UK Defence Forces.

While the overall attendance for the night was low, our staff members still managed to engage parents in meaningful conversation about our school and what separates us from other schools.

The staff members used a variety of school promotional materials, to emphasise this point to parents. As part of the displays, Boarding School pictures were effectively utilised to emphasise our diversity. The pictures used were taken directly off the Boarding School walls, as staff wanted to demonstrate the warm, caring and homely atmosphere that we have at Stanborough Boarding School.

16 flags were also included in the displays, to demonstrate all the countries currently represented at the Boarding School.

Overall the night was enjoyable, and we cannot wait to attend the event again next year.