PE is the main purpose of health and wellbeing within the curriculum for excellence to develop the knowledge and understanding, skills, capabilities and attributes necessary for mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing now and in the future.

It helps young people to make sense of the importance to healthy active lifestyles making reference links to key factors, Applied anatomy and physiology, Movement analysis, Physical training, Use of data, Sociocultural influences, Health, fitness and well-being. 

It is the intention of the PE curriculum to:

  • Develop assessment proficient learners, where students know the next steps in their learning. They will also be able to clearly identify their strengths and areas for development and relate their learning to the success criteria.  
  • Develop students’ vocabulary within Physical Education, understanding, knowledge, and skills. 
  • Develop leadership opportunities, where student lead aspects of the lesson and lead festivals for primary school sports.  
  • Enable students to organise their knowledge using the underpinning ‘key concepts’ of the subject. 
  • Apply their understanding to unique situations to make informed decisions. 
  • Develop students’ ability to perform using the movement analysis and theoretical knowledge of Physical Education. 
  • Aspire to excellence in the field of Sport, ensure that all students respect each other and the rules of the game when playing sports, and be courageous (take risks) in their approach to new skills or sports.  

Transferable skills

The PE curriculum will support the wider aims of the School by:

  • Offering opportunities to explore the importance of Physical Activity on the mind and body.
  • Developing knowledge and understanding of how the body works and why.
  • Developing students’ understanding of the importance of healthy active lifestyles including balanced diets.
  • Raising awareness of potential careers related to the subject hence widening their potential pathways in the future.
  • To offer an enriching, engaging and rewarding experience.

Sport and Physical Education is at the heart of Stanborough School. We strive to provide as many sporting opportunities to our students as possible within our excellent facilities.

Core PE lessons at Stanborough are fun, engaging and foster healthy and active habits for life. Students complete 60 minutes of Core PE per week from year 7-11. This includes swimming in years 7 and 8. In year 11, students have the opportunity to lead a variety of sporting activities to their peers.

Sport is a prominent part of school life, with students attending numerous clubs during breaktime, lunchtime and after school. In addition, they compete against other schools in sporting events such as Netball, Basketball, Football, Fitness and general sporting activities. Regular fixtures take place against other schools in several sporting activities both for fun/participation and for serious competition and a variety of fun enrichment sporting trips also take place each year.

Assessment weighting

All units are assessed at the end of every half term using a weighting of classwork 40% and tests 60%.  


Students are assessed on their ability to execute key skills in each topic. They are also assessed in their ability to lead warm-up & cool-down exercises and are required to demonstrate a deep knowledge of health and nutrition and keeping healthy. Furthermore, students are required to be able to assess their own performance and the performance of their peers (against the success criteria) and give effective feedback for improving performance. Our teachers reteach to the gaps in students learning, as evidenced in Schemes of Work. They also check students’ acquisition of skills throughout the lesson.