Stanborough Secondary School experienced many challenges in the last academic year, including the impact of COVID-19. We thank and praise God that He has sustained us. Knowing and understanding that pupils and staff had suffered trauma, loss and bereavement, would be uncertain about what school would look like, and would be anxious and fearful of contact with each other, the Curriculum leader and Pastoral leader worked together to develop a Well-being and Recovery Curriculum for the new academic year.

Stanborough staff and pupils value relationships – it is often said that the school is like a family – so leaders knew that the first task would be to re-build relationships. School closed on 12 March, and the school switched to online teaching and learning (very successfully!). Leaders also knew that a programme had to be put in place to help pupils and staff recover from their losses (one pupil lost five family members during this time) and to help pupils to value learning and use their time wisely, especially the Year 11s.

The school’s values (respect, courage, resilience and excellence) underpin everything that we do, so time was spent on these values during the week before school started, in a ‘Back to School’ programme for both parents and pupils. More time was spent on the values during the first week of school.

The Well-being and Recovery Curriculum is divided into three phases:

  1. A holistic approach– the first three weeks of school.
  2. Focused recovery– personalized (individual pupils beginning with SEN pupils and those who are suffering with anxiety and bereavement).
  3. Deep recovery– a longer time period is required, as is parental and external agency involvement.

The aims of the Well-being and Recovery Curriculum are to:

  • Create a safe environment and learning space for both pupils and staff
  • Acknowledge loss, trauma and bereavement and support pupils in their recovery
  • Re-build relationships
  • Re-engage our pupils in their learning
  • Strengthen the resilience that we know both staff and pupils have (demonstrated during online lessons)
  • Assist and support pupils and staff in their well-being
  • Create an environment where pupils can express themselves freely and be supported

Useful websites for supporting students, staff and parent's well-being: