You can access the Cloud School page here or by clicking Cloud School (Progresso) from Quicklinks on the bottom of School Website.

You should have an email, or otherwise, advising you of your username and providing a link to create your password.

If you click on the link in the email, you will be directed to the site to reset your password. Enter a new password and enter it again to confirm it, then click Save. Once you have confirmation the password has been set, you can go to the portal logon page.

Cloud School (Progresso) access for Parents / Guardians

Cloud School provides a web based view of the school’s system by using a web browser to access the system.

Using Cloud School you will have access to the data held for any pupil you are parentally responsible for. You will be able to view personal details and contact numbers, attendance details, conduct logs, report and assessment information. You will not be able to modify any information but if you find that some details are incorrect then please get in touch with the school to ensure that they are updated.

Using Cloud School is exactly the same as using any other webpage. If you are familiar with the internet you will have no problems finding your way around.

Cloud School Apps for Parents & Learners

Recently Advanced has developed mobile apps for iOS and Android making easier to access Cloud School data on mobile devices. Two separate apps were developed, one for parents and one for learnets.

Cloud School Parent App introduction:

Cloud School Parent App User guide:

Cloud School Parent AppCloud School Learner App
iOS AppiOS App
Android AppAndroid App