Employment opportunity – Teaching Assistant

Daniel HopaEmployment

The school requires A Temporary Teaching Assistant

Salary range: Competitive

This is an excellent professional opportunity for a recently qualified Teaching Assistant to join Stanborough Secondary School.

Stanborough Secondary School is committed to increasing the number of staff from ethnic minorities, across all roles and at all levels, to reflect our diverse student population. Applications from practising Christians are particularly welcome. The Equal Opportunities Policy is available on our website.

The successful candidate will support our teaching staff to deliver daily a broad and balanced curriculum for our young people both on and off site. Post holders will work on a 1:1 basis with students when required as well as support in class with a small group.  

Key duties: 

  • Support and facilitate the learning and independence of our students. 
  • Contribute to planning, preparation, implementation and evaluation of education programmes, plans and reports as required. 
  • Contribute to assessing, recording, and reporting on young peoples’ progress 
  • Always promote and encourage independence. 
  • Keep records accurately and up to date 
  • Ensure safeguarding and health and safety procedures are always followed 
  • Promote the development of positive social behaviours and self-regulation skills  

Duties will vary, you must expect to diversify and lend a hand wherever required. Within this role post holders must be prepared to support on the residential care side of the site on occasion. 

The post will be full time.

Job Title: Teaching Assistant: 1:1 SEN Support or small group support

Main Functions:

To assist in promoting the learning and personal development of the pupil to whom you are assigned, to enable him/her to make best use of the educational opportunities available to them.    

 Key Responsibilities

  1. To aid the pupil to learn as effectively as possible both in group situations and on his/her own by, for example:
  2. Clarifying and explaining instructions
  3. Ensuring the pupil is able to use equipment and materials provided
  4. Motivating and encouraging the pupil(s) as required by providing levels of individual attention, reassurance and help with learning tasks as appropriate to pupils’ needs
  5. Assisting in weaker areas, e.g., speech and language, 
  6. Using praise, commentary and assistance to encourage the pupil to concentrate and stay on task
  7. Liaising with class teacher, SENDCO and other professionals about individual education plans, contributing to the planning and delivery as appropriate
  8. Providing additional nurture to individuals when requested by the class teacher or SENDCO
  9. Consistently and effectively implementing agreed behaviour management strategies
  10. Helping to make appropriate resources to support the pupil
  11. To establish supportive relationships with the pupil concerned
  12. To promote the acceptance and inclusion of the pupil with SEND, encouraging pupils to interact with each other in an appropriate and acceptable manner
  13. Monitor the pupil’s response to the learning activities and, where appropriate, modify or adapt the activities as agreed with the teacher to achieve the intended learning outcomes.
  14. Provide support in the library on a 1-2-1 if necessary (when the child is struggling in the classroom)
  15. To give positive encouragement, feedback and praise to reinforce and sustain the pupil’s efforts and develop self-reliance and self-esteem.  
  16. Under the direction of the teacher, carry out and report on systematic observations of pupils to gather evidence of their knowledge, understanding and skills upon which the teacher makes judgements about their stage of development  
  17. Where appropriate, to know and apply positive handling techniques
  18. To know and apply school policies on Child Protection, Health and Safety, Behaviour, Teaching and Learning, Equal Opportunities etc.
  19. To be aware of confidential issues linked to home/pupil/teacher/school
  20. To contribute towards reviews of the pupil’s progress as appropriate
  21. To take part in training activities offered by the school to further knowledge and skills of working with a child with specific learning difficulties
  22. To accompany teachers and pupils on educational visits     
  23. Meet parents with SENDCO to discuss pupils’ progress
  24. Update the EHCP/IEP with the support of the SENDCO

 This job description sets out the duties of the post at the time it was drawn up.  The post holder may be required from time to time to undertake other duties within the school as may be reasonably expected, without changing the general character of the duties or the level of responsibility entailed.  This is a common occurrence and would not justify a reconsideration of the grading of the post. 

Applications considered on a rolling basis until midday, 30 August 2022

Please email kjames@stanboroughpark.herts.sch.uk to express your interest and an application pack will be sent out to you.