Employment opportunity – Social Media Manager (Volunteer)

Daniel HopaEmployment

Volunteer RequiredSocial Media Manager at Stanborough Secondary School – Watford UK

12 – 24 months

April 2023 (sooner if possible)

Volunteer | Full-time | On site (accommodation provided)


Primary Objectives:

  • Oversees the day-to-day maintenance and administration of the organization’s website and social media accounts.
  • Performs a range of IT and marketing development tasks to ensure the website and social media channels represent Stanborough Secondary School well and that users can navigate them easily.
  • Responds to security issues, troubleshoots and resolves a variety of website and social media performance issues.
  • Ensures the website and social media accounts have accurate and current domain and hosting information to prevent potential downtimes.

Duties include:

  • Align the website and social media accounts with the organization’s brand, strategy and standards
  • Audit content and remove duplicate information
  • Assist with social media campaigns and other marketing efforts
  • Complete tests to ensure website and social media efficiency and quality
  • Create strategies to improve website and social media traffic
  • Develop website and social media content to support organizational goals and strategies
  • Ensure the website and social media complies with the appropriate laws and regulations
  • Evaluate competitors’ websites and social media
  • Follow industry best practices
  • Identify ways to improve user experience
  • Implement security measures to protect websites and social media accounts
  • Keep the website’s domain and hosting registration current
  • Manage pay-per-click and search engine optimization campaigns
  • Monitor for website security breaches and respond to them as needed
  • Produce sitemaps that represent and visualize the website’s structure and functions
  • Update website coding frequently


  • A good command of spoken and written English
  • Student of an IT degree; college/university graduate preferred
  • Basic web programming skills
  • Social media skills
  • WordPress knowledge preferred
  • Passion for leading people to Jesus
  • Design skills and creativity
  • Strong work ethic, proactive
  • Flexible, previous cross-cultural experiences a plus
  • Good communication skills in English, additional languages a plus
  • 2-year commitment preferred (with 1-year performance review)


  • Acceptable Dress: Modest, clean, professional and generally appropriate for task at hand.
  • Unacceptable Dress: Revealing, transparent, tight, spaghetti strap or offensive messages on apparel.
  • The UK is a four-season country with cold, wet winters (Nov-Mar) and hot, dry summers (May-Sept), so bring clothing for all seasons.


  • Maybe a dormitory room or an apartment shared with other volunteers.
  • Bedding and linen provided.
  • Kitchen utensils and crockery provided.
  • All meals can be eaten with the boarders at the school cafeteria during term time. Please note: Cafeteria meals are only provided during school time when boarders are present.
  • Utilities: Internet access included.

We have a very multicultural staff and student body boasting 20 nationalities.


  • Visa (Shared): Stanborough Secondary School will cover the cost of the application to UK Immigration but volunteers will pay for any documentation e.g., Medical and Police checks.
  • Monthly Living Allowance: £200

Not Included

  • Medical/Inoculations
  • Travel to/from location
  • Local travel


  • Must be single male or female.

Additional Information:

  • UK Citizens are welcome to apply
  • A Police clearance certificate will be required for non-UK applicants
  • Religious Workers Visa required. (If non-UK applicant)

All applications should be sent to pokelo@stanboroughpark.herts.sch.uk