Employment opportunity – Librarian (Volunteer)

Daniel HopaEmployment

The school requires a Volunteer Librarian: 

This is an excellent opportunity for a volunteer to join Stanborough Secondary School as a Librarian.

The Key responsibilities of the post will include:

  1. Have overall responsibility for organising books and periodicals for students.
  2. To prepare, maintain and monitor materials and equipment for library use, including checking stock, deliveries and stationery.
  3. To consult with teachers on student reference books.
  4. To act expeditiously on all staff, student or parental enquiries for study material.
  5. To ensure all books are checked out/in according to Librarian Guidelines, Legislation or Policies, including spontaneous checks on equipment.
  6. To arrange the library as required by the Librarians’ Association and school.
  7. To make suitable arrangements for students with special needs.
  8. To arrange library decorations, displays and information in a clear and attractive manner.
  9. To keep records of all books and issue reminders and fines expeditiously.
  10. To order new resources and catalogue them on the system.
  11. To oversee the financial administration of the library.
  12. To assist in the mentoring of students with special needs or monitoring students for entrance examinations.
  13. To assist with any other such specific duties appropriate to the general purpose of a Librarian, that may be reasonably assigned by the Head Teacher.

The post will be part-time.

Applications considered on a rolling basis until midday, 10th April 2023.

Please email your application to pokelo@stanboroughpark.herts.sch.uk.