Writing Competition Winners

Our students here at Stanborough are very talented in a variety of ways, and we look for every opportunity to encourage them to grow. One area that we place a particular importance in is literacy, so we recently asked our students to write a short paragraph on their favourite room in the school. This was in response to our recent classroom décor competition in which all learning areas were evaluated by a panel of judges to discover Stanborough’s best kept classrooms.

We received a variety of entries, describing the warm and caring atmosphere of the rooms where students spend a good part of their day. It was hard to pick a winner, but first place went to Sharolyn in Year 8 for her entry ‘A Wonderful Classroom’. Second place went to Tabasom Year 9 with an excellent piece about the Library entitled ‘My Favourite Room’. Khaleel in Year 8 also received a honourable mention for his work ‘My Favourite Classroom’. You can read all three of the winning entries below.

We want to thank all the students who participated. We enjoyed reading all your work.


A Wonderful Classroom

My favourite room is Mrs Poddar’s room, this is because every time I step into the room I feel kindness and lovingness. It is a classroom with wonderful character where you feel heart-warmed. You hear a gentle voice of kindness and there is always an ear to hear. You see bright beams of colour on the wall that gets way attractive. You hear the sounds of keyboards clicking away, what a quiet room! It is so warm and cozy; trust me, it’s like home. The room is so clean it looks new, so it’s Mrs Podder’s room in 206.

By Sharolyn


My Favourite Room

There are many wonderful rooms that are exhibited in a versatile school such as Stanborough. However, the room that allows me to express myself and do what I adore most is the glorious library. The library is an amazing place that presents such a warm environment and an atmosphere that is constantly cheerful. As well as the permission for your imagination to explode, captivating me on an adventure that leads us to a whole new world of creation. Furthermore, there is a great importance in the pyramids of books that are neatly stacked according to their categories in organized rows. Moreover, the design is inventive, the main colours being ruby and frosty shades. The themes are old-fashioned, but a sense of vibrant chic. I really appreciate the artistic displays. A school without a library cannot inspire us to seek the imagination and knowledge that are essential for us. The library is truly a treasure and kingdom of understanding run by a committed librarian that has developed such an exquisite library.

By Tabasom


My Favourite Classroom

My Favourite room in the school is Mrs Jackson’s room, the English room.

I really like this room because the vibrant colours of brown, contrast with the plain white walls. Also, there is a lot of information on the board of how to achieve an exceptional level and a very high grade. This room has exquisite features such as an elegant soft carpet that when I step on it, my feet sink in and a shiny oak wooden desk that the teacher works from. I also really adore that when you step into the room, it doesn’t feel like a normal classroom, it feels very appealing and extremely comfy.

 By Khaleel


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