World Book Day 2015!

World Book Day is a celebration! It’s a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) it’s a celebration of reading. This is the 3rd year that Stanborough has held a World Book Day Quiz, and on 5th March all teachers and students came together to celebrate the written word, as well as participating in a perplexing and exhilarating Quiz that I’m sure tested everyone’s knowledge.

The day before the Quiz was a non-school uniform day, where student and staff were asked to bring in £1.50 as a fundraiser to buy new books for the library. Well, I must say that everyone joined in on the fun and altogether we raised over £190. I’m sure that the librarian is very grateful for all your help.

At the beginning of 3rd period, students entered the hall and were arranged into their house groups (Blue girls & boys, Red girls & boys and Green girls & boys). Many students had most likely studied hard the night before, preparing for the difficult questions that were yet to come. As we entered the hall there was a mix of laughter and chatter, friends wishing one another good luck and teachers encouraging students that it’s not about winning but about participating. Despite this, I think we all know that we were all determined to win.

In the process of taking our assigned seats they was gasps and gawks at how magnificently the hall had been transformed. The colour scheme, the decorations and the layout were all outstanding and a big hat goes off to those that created the magical atmosphere.

Hilda from year 9y commented: “Wow, this is amazing, the place looks terrific, it has set the scene for World Book Day, I especially loved the ‘I LOVE BOOKS’ sign!”

While Muskah from year 7 said: “The decoration, layout and numerous shades of colours made the event dazzling, the flowers made from book pages were my favourite!”

The facial expressions of many of the boys showed how impressed they were, even if they didn’t want to admit it. As the questions began, the groups became all the more determined to earn points. I can say from experience that the team effort was stunning and that everyone contributed in answering the questions.

As each category finished, both student and teachers were asked to present a story. Students elected a person from their group that had to persuade the audience to read a novel, which they chose at random. Well done to all the participants, you all did amazing!


However when we asked some of the students who did best, Molaysi in year 9x accounted: “Naysa in year 11 persuaded me because she used great words of persuasion that gripped you into wanting to read the book!” Although others said that Christopher from year 11 did really well in persuading them into wanting to read.

Similarly staff groups elected a representative to share a funny story that had occurred at Stanborough School. Teachers Ms Smith and Mr Amo chose to do a role play act for their story about a noisy year 9 group, while Mrs Anderson and Mrs Hussey had combined theirs with a mix of humour and expression. Jahmai in year 8 acknowledged: “Mrs Andersons story was so playful, it was priceless! The expression and tone in her voice intrigued us to find out what would happen in the end. And well the ending was very clever, only two boys eating in the corridors!”

As the questions carried on everyone was delivering their best to win for their House Group. As I went around asking what their opinion of the questions were, there was a blend of answers. Some said they were very interesting, while others claimed it was a very impressive selection, others suggested a music or sports category for next World Book Day.

When doing a survey of what category was the hardest, the majority believed it was “General Knowledge”, others insisted on the “History/Library/Art” category! I have to say for me both were quite challenging but I personally found the “All Around the World” section effortful.

After answering all the questions, everyone was eagerly waiting to find out the results, in the end Green House was the overall winner, closely followed by Blue House and then Red House. After all the cheers and laughter the event had come to an end. However, before heading to lunch everyone generously received a book voucher for a free book.

As everyone rushed to the lunch queue, I managed to grab the views of my fellow students. To the question “Did you enjoy the event?” Michael in 9y answered: “Yes, I loved the fact that we got to socialise with team members and work together.”

Luana in year 9 – an international student – exclaimed: “The Quiz was the best, there was a variety of different questions in a range of categories that were very enjoyable, I made good memories!”

When asked ‘Why do you read?’ Sinead replied: “Reading is something I can do when I’m bored and it takes me out of the situation I’m in, and into the book where I feel I am with the characters and adapting to the setting as I read each page.”

I could not agree more with her more, reading transports you and teaches you many new things from the storylines and passages. On that note, I would just like to encourage you all to read as much as you can and to look forward to the next World Book Day, which will be even better! Lastly many thanks to everyone that contributed to the day, especially Mrs Hopa who should be recognised for all her tremendous hard work. What an event to remember!

Written By Tabasom in Year 9

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