WBD Results

Last Thursday we held our annual World Book Day quiz, which I can safely say that we all enjoyed immensely! From the creative decorations to the perfectly organised quiz, staff and students felt as if the time flew by to fast.

Though after several rounds of questions and of story telling, there was only one thing on everyone’s mind, who was the winner?!

House groups ranked as follows:

  • 1st Place Green Boys
  • 2nd Place Blue Girls
  • 3rd Place Red Boys
  • 4th Place Red Girls
  • 5th Place Blue Boys
  • 6th Place Green Girls

Blue house was declared the overall winner, followed by Red and then Green. Though at the beginning of this week it was announced that the scores were wrongly calculated and that Green House had in fact won! Blue had come second and Red third. This announcement obviously made the student body both ecstatic and sorrowful at the same time. Despite this everyone still states that the day was enjoyable and that they are already counting down to next years quiz.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff, who put in the time and effort to make this event successful. A thank you goes to Ms Pavlovic, who assisted in the creation of the displays, Mr Hopa for light and sound, along with Mr Poddar, Mrs Dixon and Mr Menkens – our three judges. In particular we want to thank Terry Menkens, who took time to come to visit us after retiring in 2006. Terry was a former teacher here at Stanborough, who first taught Geography and P.E. from 1964 to 1965 and then returned in 1978 to teach D&T, Maths and Geography for 28 years before retiring.

Lastly we want to give a very special thank you to Mrs Milis-Hopa for being a wonderful hostess, for her time in creating the decorations and in preparing the questions.

Your efforts did not go unnoticed and Terry had these encouraging words to say:

“On entering the transformed Assembly Hall, I was carried off into “another world of books”. It was a great privilege to participate in the judging of various contributions and to be part of such a well-organized quiz which raised the interest in literature and other disciplines.

I was proud to see how good-humoured and involved our students and staff were during the unfolding of such a vibrant and gripping event. Clearly, much forethought, hard work, effort and initiative had gone into the preparation of this happy, inspiring but informative occasion.

During my nostalgic tour around the familiar rooms and corridors, I must say how very pleased and proud I was to see “my old school” so full of life and vision, with God still clearly as the MASTER OF OUR SCHOOL.”

As you can tell, as staff we really enjoyed the event, but if you want to hear the students’ perspective please read Tabasom’s article on the Event.

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