Speech Night 2020

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The Speech Night 2020 programme can be watched below in Full HD:


Retired staff member feedback:

Dear Mr. James
I am writing following watching the Stanborough School Virtual Speech Night. I want to congratulate the students for their fine achievements in music, sport and in the academics. The statistics speaks volumes of the improvements they have made in various areas of the curriculum over the years. Their GCSE results is also a testament of their dedication and hard work during the difficult pandemic circumstances. I have taught most of the students who participated in the programme and I wish them Gods blessings for the future.I want to congratulate the teachers and thank them for their hard work and dedication in the part they have played in the students success. They always work faithfully under many constraints and challenges and yet diligently deliver week after week. May God in heaven bless them for their faithfulness.I was very impressed by the guest speaker, Asher Makenzie and his testimony of the power of Christ which helped him on his career path. May his testimony be an inspiration to every Stanborough student and Staff on their personal journey. The power of Christ is more relevant and very real in this day and age.I want to thank the Audio Visual and Computer technicians for the preparing the fine presentation which needs to be seen by the world at large as a testimony that the God of the universe who rescued Shadrach, Meshach an Abednego from the fiery furness, is still in control at Stanborough School and will continue to be so as long as God is the Master of the School.I want to thank the SLT for their leadership in making Stanborough School the place of safe learning and providing wonderful opportunities for increasing their learning experiences in the academics and especially in eternal issues.Lastly I praise God in heaven that He has kept the school open for the business of teaching students the knowledge and love of a Gracious God and the power of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the twenty first century. May He continue to bless the school to remain the beacon of light in this world increasingly overcome by darkness.
Yours sincerely in Christ

Kish Poddar