Here at Stanborough Secondary School, we are committed to ensuring that our students become resilient individuals who identify positive ways of coping with the challenges of schoolwork and the wider world. As a result of this, we focus on developing the whole student- not just his/her academic side. To this end, we invest the time and energy needed to identify extra-curricular activities that will complement the academic studies of our students.

Our extra-curricular activities have been designed to empower our students to interact positively with their peers, adults in authority, and members of our global village. Thus, the extra-curricular programmes here at Stanborough have been designed to ensure that our students develop spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially. These activities also create meaningful opportunities for students to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to become creative thinkers who manage their time effectively and internalize important British values such as tolerance, resilience, inclusiveness and respect for others.

Clubs 2018-2019

MonKeyboarding ClubMrs Poddar206All1:30-2:15
MonInter-house SportsMs MacriGymAll1:30-2:00
MonBiology study/homework ClubMrs Gengan112All1:45-2:20
MonBoard Games ClubMrs Poddar206All1:30-2:15
MonArt ClubMs Sinclair101All3:30-5:00
MonGeography Club (even week)Mr Amo117All3:30-4:30
MonHistory Club (odd week)Mr Amo117All3:30-4:30
TueInter-house SportsMs MacriGymAll1:30-2:00
TueOrchestraMs AhnAssembly HallAll3:30-4:30
TueKeyboard EnsembleMiss Ahn201Pianists3:30-4:30
TueChoirMs Ahn201KS31:55-2:25
WedFrench study Club (even week)Ms Macri108KS33:30-4:00
WedSportsMr MurayaGym/OutsideAll3:45-4:45
WedUltra Academy Business ClubMrs Hussey118AllTBA
WedInter-house SportsMr MurayaGymAll1:30-2:00
WedLAMDAMrs St: HilaireAssembly HallAll4:00-5:00
WedComputing ClubMs Brewster2149-103:45-4:45
ThuSportsMr MurayaGymAll4:15-5:30
ThuEnglish Study ClubMr Kumi206KS33:30-4:00
ThuMathematics ClubMr Wright221All3:40-4:30
ThuPhysics Study ClubMr Nalli216All1:30-2:00
ThuSpanish Study ClubMrs Mabhena111All1:30-2:00