ePortal access for Staff / Students

You can access the ePortal page here or by clicking ePortal on the top of School Website.

You should now be taken to the ePortal logon page

Enter your School System Username and Password

Click the Login button to proceed

Staff, data entry on ePortal is only supported on Internet Explorer (Edge) and Firefox.

ePortal access for Parents / Guardians

ePortal provides a web based view of the school’s system by using a web browser to access the system.

Using ePortal you will have access to the data held for any student you are parentally responsible for. You will be able to view personal details and contact numbers, attendance details, conduct logs, report and assessment information.

You will not be able to modify any information but if you find that some details are incorrect then please get in touch with the school to ensure that they are updated.

Using ePortal is exactly the same as using any other webpage. If you are familiar with the internet you will have no problems finding your way around, if you are less familiar you will find everything you need to know in the guide below.

To access ePortal please follow the steps above.

Enter your  Username and Password.

These were included in the letter/email to you sent by the school.

Click the Login button to proceed.

Guide for Parents.

Please note, the service is unavailable during daily maintenance between 3.00am-3.05am UK Time.


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