INTERVIEW with Ms Smith

Question: Where are you from?

My question was the first one to be fired, “Where do you come from? “. Miss Smith’s reply, to quote, was ” I come from the beautiful lovely fantastic island of Jamaica ” . That made me think about how much she loves her country. Consequently, I realised that I was feeling exactly the same. And then, I started to miss Spain terribly!

– Gaizka

Question: How long have you lived in England?

For 11 years. Miss Smith came to England in 2001 and worked as a Math teacher until 2011. After that, she went back to her country, Jamaica, on vacation. She also worked in a school there, but it wasn’t a Seventh-Day Adventist school.

– Mugi

Question: What did you study at university and why?

I chose to ask Ms Smith this question. While she was full of humour when answering other questions, she became very serious when answering this one. She went to university to study education, because she likes to teach young people like us! Also, she said that Maths was her strongest subject, that’s why she chose it. Ms Smith really enjoys her job!

– Mila

Question: What age do you want to stay in forever?

Ms Smith wants stay as old (or as youngJ )as she is today forever! In her own words, at 16 she was “giddy”, while now she has acquired wisdom through different experiences. To sum up, Ms Smith wants to stay in her current age!

– Zin Kai

Question: Why did you choose to become a staff member at Stanborough?

It turns out, Miss Smith’s dream was to become a Math teacher! Having graduated from university, she followed her dream. But coming to Stanborough was more than just about teaching Math. Miss Smith has never worked at an Adventist school before and she wanted to see what it would be like!

– Ketsia and Harry

An unplanned question

As we were nearing the end of the interview, Ms L encouraged us to ask “an unplanned” question. We decided to try our luck and asked, “Are you and Mrs Jackson really sisters?” We learnt that they REALLY are! Ms Smith described Mrs Jackson as more logical and more cool-headed out of the two. She also added that Mrs Jackson is “the better” sister. We wonder, how would Mrs Jackson comment on this? J

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