INTERVIEW with Mr Llena

Our group had a chance to interview Mr. Llena.

This is what he told us about himself:

  • He was born in Philippines, so he can speak both Tagalog and English.

  • He is now working as an IT assistant at Stanborough School (we kind of knew this one already J )
  • He enjoys listening to Christian music
  • He is a vegan. We also thing he is a very strong Christian!

We tried to ask him who he is dating, but Mr Llena told us it was top secret J.

He did, however, share with us his dream! He wants to travel around the world and see what the world looks like. Erica thought it’s a wonderful dream, and she adopted it! Now she also wants to travel around the world!

Thank you for answering our questions, Mr.Llena! We hope we weren’t too nosy!

Erica, Saki, Takahito, Anju, Eugene and Shin

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