International Night

Stanborough recently showcased its international diversity, at our annual International Night. Our International Nights are designed to allow students, teachers, parents and friends to come together and share our cultural diversity in a fun-filled night.The night began with a warm welcome by Mrs Dixon (The Headteacher) and then the festivities began. We were first shown a presentation introducing the European countries such as Spain, Portugal, Romania and Russia. Then they amused us with some challenging tongue twisters that were very tricky. However, I am confident that Mr Hopa’s tongue twister from Poland was the most complex.

The European group also had a performance from our visiting Russian friends dressed in ethnic clothing. They performed a song using wooden spoons, which is one of their traditional instruments. Everyone, including myself, was fascinated by the beautiful sound that the spoons made. The European group also treated us to a Spanish song played on the guitar by Connor (Year 11), and a graceful flute solo by Garbrielle (Year 8).

The African Group was next and they amazed as with their extraordinary costumes. For example, Hilda in Year 9 wore a dazzling patterned outfit. As for the group performances, the highlight was definitely the native drum ensemble. Vitor, an international student, said: “I think my favourite performance was the African drums. It was very creative and it was extremely rhythmic!”

Next to seize the limelight was the Caribbean group, who were introduced by a PowerPoint portraying the many Caribbean countries represented in the school. One of the more memorable performances was Arianne’s (Year 8) flute rendition of a tropical song originating from Jamaica.

Though, what was by far the most entertaining, was the combined staff and students performance. They filled the stage with dancing, singing and playing a common Caribbean game. A few of the teachers showed us priceless traditional moves, but I have to say, Ms Jackson was outstanding and she snatched the limelight.

The Asian group also presented a PowerPoint of the different countries, along with their national flags. First to represent Asia were our visitors from Beijing, they introduced us to a very catchy song and treated us to a quiz related to Chinese culture. My sister and I then read a poem in Persian that we had written, alongside the English translation. We were delighted to hear Ms Sinclair say: “The Language was so intriguing and engaging that I nearly wished you hadn’t translated it into English. Though I’m glad you did otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to understand the beautiful message!”

After the final performance, parents and students were able to walk around and view the creative displays (mainly food) that each group had prepared The food, all in all, from each category was mouth watering and I imagine that everyone loved it, just as I did. The European table was full of globes, flowers and cakes. The Asian exhibition showcased their favourite Sports and Music. They also had a large range of different foods such as Chinese vegetables, Persian candy floss, Baklavas, and Turkish drinks. The Caribbean group treated us to a variety of drinks, from Ginger beer to Super Malt, there were just so many to choose from! Lastly the African group was by far the most creatively decorated, with exquisite masks and patterned clothing. In terms of food they served Jollof rice, which I found extremely appetizing, as well as some African puddings.

All in all, the International Night was a successful hit! Carlos in Year 7, who has just started at Stanborough, stated: “I loved it, I can’t wait for next year’s International Night!” What I enjoyed the most about the International Night was that it gave us the opportunity to ask each other questions and to share our cultures. I have a lot of appreciation for everyone who took part and who made it one of the most memorable of nights!

Written By Tabasom in Year 9
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