Homework Assigments for Year 11

Date Set: 11 / 02 / 2016
Date Due: 22 / 02 / 2016

Complete Jan 2013 French Foundation and Higher Reading papers


Date Set: 08 / 02 / 2016
Date Due: 11 / 02 / 2016

!! TEST !!

Date Set: 28 / 01 / 2016
Date Due: 03 / 02 / 2016

By now you should have completed both artist studies ICT and copied the first one.

Complete the first two or more (primary) observational drawings/paintings/sculptures  in colour if applicable.

These drawings will represent your first set of ideas to be developed in the style of your artists.

Homework Extension Activity – Produce 2 ICT developments for two of your own ideas following the style of your artist in terms of the relevant elements.


Date Set: 29 / 01 / 2016
Date Due: 01 / 02 / 2016

Tricolore 4 textbook:  ex 2/102

Read ‘le forum: La mode’ and complete 3a/109(C’est qui) & 3b/109 (C’est l’avis de qui?)

NB. please right out the statements in full before choosing who the opinion belongs to.

Date Set: 25 / 01 / 2016
Date Due: 28 / 01 / 2016

AQA French Workbook:

L&R: p.46 & 58

Grammar p.95

Date Set: 19 / 01 / 2016
Date Due: 22 / 01 / 2016

Task: Use the poem ‘London’ as the starting point for writing about a place.
Length: 600-800 words
Type and submit by email.
You can interpret the poem in almost any way you wish.
Write in a technically controlled, accurate way.
Structure your work in ways that will engage the reader.
Use language to create effects on the reader.

Date Set: 20 / 01 / 2016
Date Due: 21 / 01 / 2016

Complete Doodles started in class today and complete your title page for you exam question.

Date Set: 21 / 01 / 2016
Date Due: 21 / 01 / 2016

  1. Log onto the Internet.
  2. In the Google search engine type the title i.e., ‘Landscape Painting’.
  3. When we have found the right information about your landscape artist and an image we like cut and paste it all into a word document.
  4. Create an interesting heading with the artists name using ‘Word Art’.
  5. Place the image beneath the title (the title is the artists’ name) and then read about the life and works of this artist in depth so that we can produce an interesting and personal study using our own words
  6. Use the format below ( which I have emailed to you) with all of the subtitles, remember do not plagiarize use our own words to show how much we know.
  7. Choose an interesting font to make our piece of work both legible and beautiful.

The artists

The first paragraph informs us about the artist using these points of reference;

  1. The name of the artist, the title of the work and the year it was made.
  2. When the artist was born and the artists’ nationality if known (date of birth and nationality is unknown must be stated if this is the case).



The second paragraph should describe the painting in detail using these points;

  • What colours, objects, patterns or shapes can you see within this painting? Is the tone used light or heavy in places again describe using clear terms like ‘at the top left of the portrait/landscape frame the tones are darkest/warmest/ lightest/coldest…’
  • What materials did they use to make their work?
  • Do we like this painting if so why?
  • Is there a mood to this painting i.e., cold, warm sad, dark, scary, angry, happy etc.


Personal Influence

In our lifetime today we are influenced by the world around us.  We might be interested in the discipline of collage, printmaking, ceramics, painting, pen & ink, sketching, or a popular subject like Landscape, Portrait, The Figure, Flora, Fauna or Still Life.  A particular style might interest us like Surrealism, Cubism, Art Nouveau, Egyptian or Abstract Art etc.


Artist Influence

We need to know how our artist was influenced.  This influence could arrive in a variety of ways.

  1. Some artists have had bad accidents such as Freda Kahlo who was involved in a tram crash where a metal rail speared her leaving her in hospital for years. Her paintings reflect the pain and disability she suffered.
  2. Some artists were influenced by the world around them John Martin and Joseph Wright of Derby lived in a time of great scientific discovery and many of his friends were young scientists. His paintings show many great experiments and the wonder of new discovery is portrayed on the faces of the scientists in his pictures.


Cross curricular

Now research your project title in different genre i.e., music, theatre, film, literature or subject i.e., Science, Geography, History, Math’s etc.

Type in ‘mathematical art’ or ‘history art’ for example and see what you find that’s interesting?


Date Set: 14 / 01 / 2016
Date Due: 20 / 01 / 2016

Create a Title Page:

  • Read the exam questions.
  • Choose one question.
  • Generate some ideas for a title page.
  • Link your background and title style to the theme of the question.
  • The title page should include the question.
  • It can be over two pages if your choose so.
  • Remember good presentation is vital.

From here on in each page should be a piece of work in itself

Date Set: 15 / 01 / 2016
Date Due: 19 / 01 / 2016

Your school or college website is asking for contributions from students about their time at school. Describe a memorable event from your school days and explain why it has remained unforgettable. [16 marks]

Source: http://filestore.aqa.org.uk/subjects/AQA-ENG1H-QP-NOV14.PDF

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