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Translate into English and then rewrite the sentences in the future tense:

1. I would like to buy a jumper.
2. You would like to buy new shoes.
3. He would like to buy some socks.
4. We would like to buy some shirts.
5. You (pl.) would like to buy some dresses.
6. They would like to buy some skirts.


Vocabulary test on Monday!

Key words on page 76 in your books starting with j’adorais and ending up with physique.


Vocabulary teston on Monday!

Key words page 76 in your books (starting with j’adorais and ending with physique).


1.Ex.4 page 63. Write the sentences in the imperfect tense (you are given the infinitive form in the book).

2.Choose between ex. 6 or ex. 7 page 63. For ex. 6 you have to write an interview similar to the one page 62, using the information given under the task. For ex. 7 you have to imagine that you area famous sportsperson and write several paragraphs about the sports you did in college, the sports that you used to like (mention why you liked them), the soort you do at the moment and why you like it.

Don’t forget about the vocabulary test on Monday, page 76 in your books (from j’adorais up to physique)


The exercises on pages 85,86,87 from your grammar practice booklet (85-87)
page 111/column 1 for the vocabulary test.


Write a paragraph in French on one of the following two topics:
1. Une journée typique
2. Gagner de l’argent de poche


Write 2 dialogues (one using ‘tu’, one using ‘vous’ for each of the pictures a-f in ex. 6, according to the following model for picture a:

a.1 Où est le camping s’il te plaît?
Tu vas tout droit, puis tu tournes à droite.
a.2 Où est le camping s’il te plaît?
Vous allez tout droit, puis vous tournez à droite.


Key word test!


Ex. 5/61 from the textbook and ex.A, B and C from feuille 4.1/60 (the photocopies).

Since I did not know whether the group having French classes is 9Y or 9X, I posted it for both. Therefore, only those of you who have French classes should do this one.


Create a poster about what an MP does.

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