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Look up the words on the text on page 24 and do ex. 2/24. I noticed that none of you wrote down the immediate future and simple future forms, so revisit the links I gave you in the previous homework and copy them in your notebooks.


Ex. 3a and 3b/25. Except for Nusaiba and Mashal, everybody has to do the homework you did not do for today, that is look up the words you don’t know in the text on page 24.
Please visit these links in order to understand the going to (immediate) future and future simple better


Finish ex. 3/23 and translate all the sentences into English. Anser the questions from ex. 4 and Write at least 50 words for ex. 5.
Learn everything we did in class on Friday for the test.
Jude please don’t forget to bring me your notebook to check that you did your HM on Friday.
Jonathan just finish ex. 3 and translate the sentences into English for Tuesday.


Finish exercise 3 (sentences 4-6) and translate the sentences into English. Using the model of the verb SE LAVER (see the link below), conjugate the verb S’AMUSER in all the persons ( I amuse myself, You amuse yourself, etc.)
Learn the presenty simple endings (-e, -es, -e, -ons, -ez, -ent), the reflexive pronouns (me, te, se, nous, vous, se) and revise the words on page 18 and 19 for the test.


Ex. 4 (answer the 4 questions in French in order to prepare for the speaking exercise and 5/23 (describe your ideal partner using the ideas from the table below the task; write at least 50 words).

The test is going to be from the words on pages 22-23 and you will also have a reflexive verb to conjugate.

Here’s the link which can help you with the revision of the comparative and superlative forms of adjectives.


Learn the alphabet from the following link:

Learn how to spell your first name and your surname in French.

Do ex. 9/9 (Write the conversation)
Revise the school objects (Dans mon sac) and the previous lesson ( Bonjour) for the test.


Ex. 5 and 6/119
Look up the words from the text on page 120.
Learn the verbs devoir and dormir in all the tenses.
Learn pages 118-119.


Those who did not do their homework for today please do it. You can find the tasks a few posts below this on the homework page.

For Friday apart from what you were supposed to do for today please go to the following link : copy and translate the verb se laver 0:24-0:31
Learn the present tense endings:

the reflexive particles that are used in front of the reflexive verbs:
as well as the words from the text on page 20 entitled ‘Tu t’endends bien avec ta famille et tes amis?’


Look up all the unknown words in the text on page 20. Finish ex. 2b/21 and translate the sentences into English.


Do the tasks that you did not finish in class at home.
Rewrite the definitions that you did not write correctly in the test.

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