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For Friday you have to answer the questions in ex. 7/53 ( at least 50 words for each answer)
Look up the words in the last 3 paragraphs in the text on page 54 (a list of words similar to the one we did in class fpr paragraph 1).
Learn the words on pages 52-54 for the test.


Translate 1b/54
Do 2a and 2b/54
Look up the words in the text on page 55, write them and their translation down.
Learn page 54 for the test.


Copy, do and translate ex. 5 and 6/63.

Learn all the vocabulary on page 62 for the test, especially the questions and answers in ex. 3/62 and all the words in 1/62.


Your Hw for Tuesday is ex. 3/52 (copy, do and translate); look up the words in the text on page 53 and write them down in your notebook along with their translation, do ex. 6a/53.
Learn the vocabulary on page 52 and in the text on page 53 for the test.


Dear students,
Please check your books and where you find IW (incomplete work) please add the translation of the French words if you want a full grade for classwork.

Your HW for Friday is to look up the words in ex. 6 adn write them down in your notebooks in order to be able to do ex. 6a and 6b.Answer in writing the questions from ex. 7 and be ready for a vocabulary test from pages 52-53.


Dear students,
Today in class we conjugated the verb JOUER (to play) in Presetn Simple.
This is what you all should have in your notebooks before doing your HW:

Je joue-I play
Tu joues-You (singular) play
Il/Elle/On joue-He/She/we play

Nous jouons-We play
Vous jouez-You(plural) play
Ils/Elles jouent- They play

Following the model of the verb JOUER done in class you have to conjugate at home the verbs: téléphoner, ranger and écouter.
Make sure you have ex. 4, 9 and 10 in your notebook on Thursday. In order to have a full mark, you need to have the exercises done and the sentences copied and translated.
For ex. 9 the letter also has to be copied and transalted in your book.
Learn the present tense endings (-e,-es,-e,-ons, -ez, -ent) by heart for the test.Here are 2 links to help you understand better the Presetn Simple of the verbs ending in -ER:


Dear students for Monday’s test you have to prepare pages 46-51.
Make sure you also revise the pages with the perfect tense exercises.


Just in case you did not check your e-mail, here is the homework you had to do for this Thursday.Check your books and see if you did each exercise as I said it would be done and to see if you have the verbs AVOIR and ETRE in them

On Monday you have the test for this half term, so please make sure you know the vocabulary and grammar on pages 44-51 and the 2 verbs ( to be and to have ).

Here is the e-mail I sent you regarding your HW for Thirsday:

Dear students,

The website did not work, so here is your HW:

Copy, translate and do ex. 4/51.

Write a sentence for each of the pictures, according to the example in ex.5/51.

Copy, translate and answer in writing the questions in ex. 7/51.

In case you don’t have the verbs AVOIR and ETRE in your notebooks becasue you wrote on a piece of paper and you lost it or because of any other reason, please make sure you copy them from the links below. Those who already have them use the links to MEMORIZE them.

The HW is due on THURSDAY, 25 January.

Kind regards,
Mihaela Macri


Ex. 4, 5 and 6/153.
You also have to finish the exercises in the handouts I gave you!
Don’t forget about the next verb at the end of the book!


Make sure you have in your notebooks these questions and the corresponding answers:

1. Starting with what age can you become a councillor?
2. Who is not allowed to stand for election to the council?
3. What do you become a candidate for?
4.When do all local elections take place?
5. How long are councillors elected for?
6. What system do local elections use?
7. Who wins the elections?

Glue in the handouts you received today and last week.

HW: Create your own councillor candidate presentation, leaflet and speech and be ready to present it in front of the class.