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Ex. 4 (copy and translate the 2 texts) and 6 page 99 (do and translate) were due yesterday. However, I was not able to post the HM on Monday because the internet did not work and I say that most of you did not do it, so please do it for tomorrow.
There will also be a test from the vocabualry on pages 98-99, please learnb for it.


Dear students,

On Thursday you are going to have the test for this half term’s test.Please revise pages 80-89.

Here are some videos which can help you revise the numbers.


Revise pages 80 to 89 for this half term’s test next week.
Here are 2 links to help you revise today’s new vocabulary and grammar.


Please revise the perfect tense (past tense) with ETRE and do ex. 5 and 6/65,
Ex. 5 has to be copied and translated for a full HW grade.

Here are some links to help you with the perfect tense with etre:


Do ex. 6/83.
Conjugate the verbs AIMER and DETESTER, according to the model we did in class (ADORER- if you did not manage to finish copying it in class, here is a link to help you).

Learn the present simple endings for verbs ending in -ER for the test.


Ex. 4/59.
Learn the vocabulary on pagges 58-59 for the test.


Translate the sentences in ex. 6/83, do ex. 7/83 and 5/85.
Learn the vocabulary on pages 82-84 for the test.


Those of you who ‘forgot’about your holiday HW or the HW for toda, can find it my previous post.You will have an academic demerit for not doing it, but if I see it by Monday, I will delete the demerit from the system.

For TUESDAY, please do ex.4 (translate the questions and the text on page 81),do ex.6/81.

This is what we did in class today, make sure you have the new words in your notebooks (minute 3.11-7.47)
LEARN THE VOCABULARY ON PAGES 80-82 for the test, including the verb SE LAVER (je me lave, tu te laves, il/elle/on se lave, nous nous lavons, vous vouz lavez, ils/elles se lavent)


Dear Year 7 students,
Your holiday HW was ex. 5 and 6/71.
For tomorrow you also have to learn the morning routine and the verb SE LAVER at all the persons and do ex.7/81.

Here are 2 inks you might find useful:


Your HW for Thursday is ex. 3/66 (copy, do and translate) and 5/67 (copy ,do and translate)
Learn everything on pages 62-67 for the test.