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Ex. 5 and 6/37. Please look up in the dictionary all the words you do not know from the text on page 36 and WRITE them in your notebook.


Stephanie,Tyriq, Shakeel and Joshua make sure you have in your notebooks the answers for ex. 5a/33; 5/37 and 6/37 because you need them for the speaking practice.

Evie and Viet please do the exercises that you have not finished or done yet and learn the content.
Foe everybody:
The test for this half term is going to be on the 4th of December. You will have tasks similar to the ones on pages 42-47.

You should have finished 1,2 and 3/43 in class today. If you haven’t make sure you finish them by Monday.
Also do ex.1,2,3a and 3b/44 and 4a or 4b to prepare for the test on December 4th. If you do them for next Friday, I will not have time to check them.


Translate ex. 1a, 1b and 3.
Do ex. 5/35.
Learn the vocabulary on pages 34-35.


Design, paint or draw your own anti-racist statements.


Look up the unknown words in the text on page 36.
Do ex 1b/36 and 4/37.


Ex. 5 and 6 page 37.Learn pages 36-37 for the test.


Ex. 6,7 and 8 page 35.Please translate ex. 6 and 7 after you do them.
Learn pages 28-35 for the test.


Translate the sentences in 2b/33 do ex. 4 (check the end of the book for the correct forms of the verbs in present simple) and do ex. 5a/33.
Learn the vocabulary and grammar on pages 32-33 for the test.


Learn the key words for tomorrow’s test!

Rights=how a person expects or wants to be treated by others

Responsibility=recognizing what you owe to other people in your community; acting towards other people in a caring or thoughtful way; being accountable for your own actions

Discrimination=treating someone unfairly because of your prejudices
Intolerance=refusing to accept that other people have a right to be different; not tolerating other people’s views, beliefs or behaviour;

Stereotype=a description of groups of people who have something in common (e.g. age, sex, religion, nationality); which is applied to everyone in the group, ignoring individual differences

Prejudice=opinions that we form without knowing all the facts or information


Ex. 5/35
Look Up the words in the text on page 36 and then do ex. 2a and 2b/36

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