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Good afternoon year 7,

Now yesterday we did a class assignment where you had to write down a few internal hardware’s and a few external hardware’s. Now the homework is to explain what each and every hardware device that you named does. Please choose hardware devices you are not familiar with.



Good morning year 8,

Your homework is to complete the logic gate challenge.Logic gate challenge


Good morning year 8,

In class we discussed ‘Privacy and E-safety’. You have learned how your privacy can be breached online by friends, family or even strangers. Remember privacy breach can lead to discrimination, cyber bullying and cyber crime. With that information given I would now like you to think about how you can protect your privacy in the given situations (35 words per situation):

—From hackers

—From social media

—From friends and family

—From your own internet behavior (surfing, shopping, sharing..etc..)

—Network connections, hot spots and other connections


The deadline is 17-10-17


Test on CPU’s during your next class, All you need to know is in your email. Go through your folders and understand the different models. How do they work? How do the different components work together to form a computer? What is a computer? Basically everything you have got so far in class.




Ms. Brewster

Revision CPU test


Good morning year 11,

Next week tuesday the 10th of October you have a test on databases and Vlookup. All that needs to be studied is send to your email as promised. If you have any trouble please contact me before the testing date. Goodluck guys. Attached is the theory in case you did not receive the email.

study term1



Ms. Brewster


Good morning year 7,

Wednesday 11th of October you have a test on excel sheets. This document  (Excel sheets test) gives you the theory that needs to be studied. For practical testing use the previous excel sheets in your email. If you have any difficulties with anything at all, feel free to email me ( or drop by before the testing date. Goodluck guys.

Ms. Brewster


Homework year (9x )

Your homework for next week is set on Doddle. If you do not remember your login details please check your email, as I send all the login details to you.


Ms. Brewster