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Ex. 5/61 from the textbook and ex.A, B and C from feuille 4.1/60 (the photocopies).

Since I did not know whether the group having French classes is 9Y or 9X, I posted it for both. Therefore, only those of you who have French classes should do this one.


Complete May 2013 Higher Listening paper.  Please use the audio file below:




COMPLETE: Ex 1/56, 2/56, 3/56, 5/57


Complete both sides of Grammar sheet on ‘etre’ given in class


Expo 1 workbook: complete p.24 & 25

Expo 1 textbook: Revise vocabulary p.60 & 61 for GPA test


EXPO 2 Rouge textbook: Revise vocabulary for end of unit agpa test (p.58-59)

Complete Extension tasks from Tuesday’s lesson

complete ex 1/50, ex 2/50, ex 3/53, ex 1/54 (Choose the correct menaing for each French word) ex 5/55 (Write the person’s name and decide if they are for or against school uniform)



French Workbook p.59-61


French Speaking & writing GPA test


Revise Vocabulary for French GPA test: p.58-59 in textbook


Revise meaning of the words below for your End of unit GPA test.

Community: a group of people who live near each other in a local area; who share common beliefs/ways of life

Councillor: a person elected to sit on a Council

Election: a way of choosing someone for a particular position by  voting

Policy: a course of action that people plan to carry out

Services: jobs done by the local council to benefit the locals

Monarchy: a system of government in which a king or queen plays an important part in running the country

Democracy: a system of govenrment where people regularly elect their leaders and have a say in the way a country is governed.

Government: the group of people who run the country

Parliament: the place where people meet to discuss important issues, make laws and questi0n the government about the way it is running the country

Member of Parliament: Some who is elected to sit in Parliament to represent the people who voted for them (MP)

Prime Minister: The leader of a government. Theresa May (PM)

Citizen: an inhabitant of a particular town or city.

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