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French Homework: Terri & Khaleel

  • Revision guide: p. 47 & 50; vocabulary test (p.124, column 1 & 2)
  • Revision workbook: p.47 (L&R), p.50, p.85-87]
  • complete French Foundation Reading paper
  • complete French HIgher listening paper (May 2013)


Translate Je me presente handout into English in your exercise books

Use the example to write a piece about your family.  It should be the same length if not longer.


Complete Estate agent worksheet and abbreviation worksheet

complete AQA May 2013 Listening Higher paper (Ranier)

complete AQA French listening Foundation paper May 2014.  Use audio file below to complete it


Expo 3 rouge workbook: complete p.3


Re-do written homework describing your family

Expo 2 rouge textbook: complete ex 1/8 & ex 4//  Write out the text in full and fill in the blanks with words in the white box.


Be able to spell your full name in French (First middle and last name)

Expo 1 workbook: complete p.2,3 & 4


  1. p.22: learn vocabulary on t –er verbs & family for a test
  2.  Find a picture of your family or a famous family and write a paragraph on each family member use text on p.6 to help you
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