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Translate ex. 1a, 1b and 3.
Do ex. 5/35.
Learn the vocabulary on pages 34-35.


Look up the unknown words in the text on page 36.
Do ex 1b/36 and 4/37.


Translate the sentences in 2b/33 do ex. 4 (check the end of the book for the correct forms of the verbs in present simple) and do ex. 5a/33.
Learn the vocabulary and grammar on pages 32-33 for the test.


Ex. 6 and 7/33.
Learn pages 28-33 for the test.


Ex. 5/35
Look Up the words in the text on page 36 and then do ex. 2a and 2b/36


Do ex. 4 page 31 and translate the entences into English.
Do ex. 7/31
Learn the animals and the sentences in ex. 4 for the test.
This is the link to the video that we did not have time to see in class.


Do ex. 2b and 4 page 33 as HW for Friday. Please translate the sentences in ex. 2b after you do it.Use the information you have on pages 196-200 to do ex. 4 correctly.

Look up the unknown words in the text on page 32 in the dictionary and write them down in your notebook.

Learn page 32 for the test.


Look up the words in the text on page 128.
DEo ex. 5 and 6 page 129
Learn the imperfect endings and how the perfect is formed.


Here are some links that you need in order to do your HW ex. 4,5,6,8 on page 29.


Ex. 3b/24: 1. Copy the sentences inserting the corresponding future form from the list on the right.
2. Translate the sentences into English.
3.Rewrite the sentences in immediate future (going to future)
Ex. 3a/24: Rewrite the exercise in future simple. e.g. Il sortira avec Julie.

Below there are to links whicg can help you understand better the 2 tenses we dealt with today.

For the test at the beginning of the class please prepare the 2 tenses and the vocabulary on pages 24-25.

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