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How does Priestley explore responsibility in An Inspector Calls


Write about:

  •  the ideas about responsibility in  An Inspector Calls
  •  how Priestley presents these ideas by the ways he writes.

[30 marks]

AO4 [4 marks]


 How are ideas about death and the afterlife presented in the poem His Visitor by Thomas Hardy? (24 marks)



  • Read and annotate the script.
  • Write a summary of what happens in Chapter 20. (5)
  • Write an essay, outlining how Austen presents, Mr Collins, Mr Bennet and Mrs Bennet, in this chapter. How does Austen use setting, language and characterisation, to show their different attitudes to marriage? Use quotations to support what you write.  (30 marks)                                                                                     Due Wednesday 10th January



The Prelude by William Wordsworth


Your homework has been sent to your school email. Homework is due the first class back.


Write a letter to a friend explaining why you like or dislike Mr. Birling. Make sure you:

  • Use the format of a friendly letter.
  • Give your opinion of the character.
  • Use evidence to support your opinion.
  • Remember to write about Priestley’s intention

Remember to PEAL:

  • Make a point at the start of each paragraph.
  • Use evidence from the text to support your point.
  • Analyse the evidence.
  • Link your evidence and point to the question.

Ensure that all quotes used are

  • placed in quotation marks
  • accurate
  • short
  • relevant

Ensure that where relevant, you use terms such as stage directions and dramatic irony.