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In preparation for KET exam:

Go to and practise in preparation for the exam. Note that the answers/key are also there-so have them close by and check your progress as your practise.

Scroll down to vocabulary list. Work through pages 6-8, noting down the words that are new to you. Write them out and translate them. Use dictionary.cambridge to look for how they may be used in sentences. Make your own sentences with them, making sure you know how to use them in a real life-context.


Ana and in preparation for PET exam:

Do the same as above only with the PET level .

Cover first 4 pages of the vocab list (pages 5-8)



Go through page 5 of KET exam list. Write out and translate all the new words.



Prepare an oral presentation on the topic of your choice

A2: 2min

B1:3-4 min

B2: 5 min

Here are some possible choices or feel free to choose your own topic:

  1. How to procrastinate like a professional – ten top tips
  2. My worst embarrassing experience
  3. 5 sure-to-impress excuses for not handing in your homework (getting to work on time, coming home on time…)
  4. How to tell if your cat (dog, goldfish…) needs counselling
  5. How to successfully annoy your parents (classmates, friends, teachers…)
  6. The top 3 strangest hobbies
  7. How to get others to do your work for you without them knowing
  8. Five ways to test if your friends are really your friends
  9. How to successfully fail your exams
  10. My secret life as Mr Magic (Miss Universe…)
  11. How to be the favourite person of everybody
  12. How to look intelligent



Learn the bullet points about transitive and intransitive verbs. Look up and see if you have transitive and intransitive verbs in your first language.


Exam paper, Reading and Writing, parts 4-6


Next part of the exam paper (printout)


Exam prep, Test1, Reading and Use of English, Part 1


  1. Bring ready marks for indep. grammar and vocab. (next 10 units and the test)
  2. Exam paper, Reading and Use of English, part 2


KET Test 1 Reading Part 1 paper. Write out, translate and learn all the new words.

Do next 10 units and a test; mark all the work and bring grades to class


Know the rules for  comparative and superlative adjectives for a mini-test. Bring grades for 10 units and a test.

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