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Complete all corrections in green on Test 1 FCE Writing Part 1 and 2, re-writing whole pieces, if that is what the EBI comments imply.


Complete, mark and green pen on next 10 units and a test from GIP/VIP


Complete Vocabulary units 1-3


  1. Complete vocabulary units 49-52
  2. Revise units 40-52 for a test.
  3. Ana, Daurio, Fernando: prepare a role play, where the three of you discuss a modern-day problem and its solutions


Bring Independent English books for a check by the teacher. Make sure that:

  1. The work is marked in red (tick or cross)
  2. Where you have crosses (where you got the answer wrong), you attempted to improve on your answer and write the answer in green
  3. You then checked your green answer against the book’s answers and either put a smily face next to it (if your green answer is right), or put a cross and write the correct answer in red

If steps 1-3 have been followed for all the work (40 units and 4 tests), you get a merit. If steops 1-3 have not been followed-you get a demerit and a detention, during which you will do steps 1-3.


Vocabulary units 46-48


  1. For questions 1-10 choose from the people (A-D). the people may be chosen more than once
  2. Write out the phrasal verbs that are in bold and their meanings (6 phrasal verbs)
  3. Identify two sentences for each tense
    1. Present Simple
    2. Present Coninuous
    3. Present Perfect
    4. Present Perfect Continuous


In pairs, prepare a role-play interview with a famous person of your choice. Be ready to present it in class.
A1: 1 min
A2: 2-3 min
B1: 3-4 min

An example of a conversation:

  • Ivan: Thank you for agreeing to talk to me, your Majesty.
  • Her Majesty: My pleasure.
  • Ivan: Let’s start with something very simple. What’s your favourite food, your Majesty?
  • Her Majesty: Chicken. Chicken and green salad.
  • Ivan: Who would you like to see next on the throne, your Majesty?
  • Her Majesty: Hm, this is a difficult question. I think it would be Prince Harry. He is my favourite grandson.
  • Ivan: Do you every get bored of being Queen, your Majesty?
  • Her Majesty: Well, that’s an interesting question. I guess, sometimes I do get bored, but I never let on.


Vocabulary units 43-45.

Complete the self-correction session on T1 M1.


Go to the PET list of words

Learn the meaning, pronunciation and the spelling of words starting with “A”