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Revise 100 irregular verbs. Know how to spell them and to pronounce them. In preparation for the test, print and complete


PET Test 1, All 5 Reading Parts

FIE students: bring grades for independent English (make sure all steps in the marking sequence are completed)


Vocabulary units 31-33


FCE group: Test 3, Reading parts 5-7, complete, write out, define and learn all new words


Complete “Guy talk” handout on conditionals.


Go to and choose to answer 25 exercises from 5 parts.

Use your classwork notes as resources to help you complete this hw. The computer will calculate your score out of 23. Print the result and glue into your book. Label the hw:

Integrating ICT, Conditionals hw, date, hw.


Play two games on Present Simple and Present Continuous to get confident with the tenses.

No need to print any score, but this will get you ready for the Test on Tuesday, December 5.


Complete and print the result. Glue it into your notebook.

This is in preparation for the test in class.


FIE students:

Using internet, go through the list of 33 idioms that we’ve learnt and create a table of the idioms which have an equivalent idiom in your first language. Print it out and stick it into your book.


Differentiated hw for Rebeca: Vocabulary handouts (in the notebook): units 6 and 7