Homework Assigments


Revision topics for test

Christianity: Relationships and families

  • Attitudes towards the importance and purpose of marriage
  • The roles of men and women in a Christian family
  • Christian attitudes towards the religious upbringing of children
  • Should women and men be equal?
  • The role of men and women in Christian communities
  • Christian teachings about divorce
  • Christian beliefs about divorce
  • Christian beliefs about annulment
  • Christian beliefs about remarriage


  • Life after death (Akhirah)
  • The nature of Allah
  • What Tawhid means for Muslims
  • Five roots of Usul ad-Din in Shi’a tradition of Islam
  • The six Articles of Faith in Sunni tradition
  • Belief in divine justice
  • Prophethood (Risalah)
  • Books and other sources of authority in Islam
  • The importance of practices (pages 124-127)


Topics to revise for your test on 2 May.

  • Identifying and interpreting explicit and implicit information and ideas
  • Analysing how writers use language and structure to influence the reader
  • Comparing how two writers convey their perspectives
  • Descriptive writing
  • Summary writing


Topics to revise for your test on 1 May.

  • Identifying and interpreting explicit and implicit information and ideas
  • Analysing how writers use language and structure to influence the reader
  • Comparing how two writers convey their perspectives
  • Descriptive writing
  • Summary writing


Good afternoon guys,

Make sure you look at the Facebook scandal and complete the following analysis on it. (Link to the article can be found in a previous email).


Regarding privacy?

Regarding laws and regulations?

Regarding data security?

Regarding ICT implications?

Regarding data visualization and data storage?

Online safety and behaviour?


Ms. Brewster


Dear Year 7 students,
Your holiday HW was ex. 5 and 6/71.
For tomorrow you also have to learn the morning routine and the verb SE LAVER at all the persons and do ex.7/81.

Here are 2 inks you might find useful:


 How are ideas about death and the afterlife presented in the poem His Visitor by Thomas Hardy? (24 marks)


YEAR 8 TEST  TOPICS  ( Second  week after the Easter break )

Sets / Venn Diagram

Adding and  Subtracting  fraction

Percentage Increase / Percentage Decrease

Finding  original price


Nth term



Year 9  Test  topics (  Second  week after Half Term)

1.)      Cumulative  frequency graph and  Box plot

2)           Estimating median , quartiles , from  cumulative frequency   curve

3)     Calculating I.Q.R.


Please  continue to revise also  for  your End  Of  Year  Exams


Homework: Create your own Celtic celebration of your personal horoscope. The design must be colourful, with your animal outlined, using any wet or dry medium or mixed media like our lesson today. Art club will be active every Monday 4.00 – 5.00 for any students wishing to attend.

Here are the 13 signs of the Celtic zodiac:
The Rowan (Jan 22- Feb 18). The Thinker. They’re people with bright ideas (ideas that the world may not yet be ready for). Rowans can come across as aloof and unsociable, but underneath they are burning with passion. They have high standards. Animal: Cat.

The Ash (Feb 19- Mar 17). The Enchanter. The Ash person is creative, artistic, and in touch with nature. They tend towards being withdrawn and introverted, and can sometimes be moody. Ash people are very generous and trusting, sometimes to a fault. Animal: Adder.

The Alder (Mar 18- Apr 14). The Trailblazer. Alders are leaders, often drawing followers in whatever path they take. They are confident, gregarious and proactive. They have little tolerance for the superficial and dislike wastefulness. Animal: Fox.

The Willow (Apr 15- May 12). The Observer. Willows are intuitive, and in touch with nature’s cycles and seasons. This makes them patient and accepting people. Highly intelligent, Willows sometimes hold their potential back out of modesty. Animal: Bull.

The Hawthorn (May 13- June 9). The Illusionist. Hawthorns often appear average and ordinary on the outside but they are bursting with passion and creativity on the inside. They’re excellent listeners and have a great sense of humour. Animal: Seahorse.

The Oak (June 10- July 7). The Stabiliser. Strong and wise, Oaks love to stand up for the underdog and make good campaigners. Oaks like social settings and sharing knowledge, and make good teachers. They are nurturing and caring. Animal: Wren.

The Holly (July 8- Aug 4). The Ruler. The sign of kings, Hollies take on positions of power and leadership effortlessly. They can be competitive and ambitious, and this can be mistaken for arrogance. However, underneath, the Holly is kind and generous. Animal: Horse.

The Hazel (Aug 5- Sept 1). The Knower. Hazels excel at academia, and have strong memories. They like keeping abreast of current events, and are always well-informed. They also have a need for order. They have a keen eye for detail, and make good scientists, mathematicians etc. Animal: Salmon.

The Vine (Sept 2- Sept 29). The Equaliser. Vines are changeable and unpredictable, which can lead to indecisiveness. They tend towards neutrality, as they can see both sides of the story. Vines enjoy the good life and have a great sense of style. Animal: Swan.

The Ivy (Sept 30- Oct 27). The Survivor. Like the plant itself, Ivy people overcome any challenge to thrive. They persevere with grace and cling to their self-belief and faith in times of strife. They are charming and warm-hearted. Animal: Butterfly.

The Reed (Oct 28- Nov 24). The Inquisitor. Curious, with a lively mind, Reeds make great journalists, detectives and archaeologists. They love to ‘dig’ for the truth and can coax stories out of people. On the flip-side, Reeds can enjoy gossip and tend towards manipulation. Animal: Wolf.

The Elder (Nov 25- Dec 23). The Seeker. Elders can be thrill-seekers, and can burn the candle at both ends. Often blunt, they can have problems forming deep connections despite their gregarious nature. Despite appearances, Elders are generally deeply thoughtful with a genuine desire to help others. Animal: Hawk.

The Birch (Dec 24- Jan 21). The Achiever. Highly driven, Birches are always striving for more. They want to be the best, and are natural leaders. They also maintain a cool head, and are famous for their wit. Birches do have a softer side, and aim to bring beauty wherever they go. Animal: Stag.

Whether you take it all with a pinch of salt or can identify your own personality within these signs, one idea I spotted online may be worth pursuing. Stuck for a birthday gift or don’t want to risk getting a newborn yet another Babygrow? Why not plant or buy them “their” tree? A truly green present!


Complete the portrait study started at the National Portrait gallery yesterday