Homework Assigments


Do the reading and listening past papers starting with year 2014.
Answer the questions in ex. 5/127 in writing and do 6 and 7 as well.


Ex.2-5 pages 26-27. Please don’t forget to translate the sentences in ex. 2 after you finish the exercise. Revise the future and the immediate future.


Ex. 5 and 7 page 27. Apart from Matching the numbers with the correct letters you also have to translate into English 1-6 from ex. 5.

For the test please prepare the vocabulary on page 26 and in your HW.


Ex. 2a and 2b/24 and translate the sentences from ex. 3/25.


Complete, mark and green pen on next 10 units and a test from GIP/VIP


Complete Vocabulary units 1-3


  1. Complete vocabulary units 49-52
  2. Revise units 40-52 for a test.
  3. Ana, Daurio, Fernando: prepare a role play, where the three of you discuss a modern-day problem and its solutions


Bring Independent English books for a check by the teacher. Make sure that:

  1. The work is marked in red (tick or cross)
  2. Where you have crosses (where you got the answer wrong), you attempted to improve on your answer and write the answer in green
  3. You then checked your green answer against the book’s answers and either put a smily face next to it (if your green answer is right), or put a cross and write the correct answer in red

If steps 1-3 have been followed for all the work (40 units and 4 tests), you get a merit. If steops 1-3 have not been followed-you get a demerit and a detention, during which you will do steps 1-3.


Good morning year 8,

In class we discussed ‘Privacy and E-safety’. You have learned how your privacy can be breached online by friends, family or even strangers. Remember privacy breach can lead to discrimination, cyber bullying and cyber crime. With that information given I would now like you to think about how you can protect your privacy in the given situations (35 words per situation):

—From hackers

—From social media

—From friends and family

—From your own internet behavior (surfing, shopping, sharing..etc..)

—Network connections, hot spots and other connections


The deadline is 17-10-17


Test on CPU’s during your next class, All you need to know is in your email. Go through your folders and understand the different models. How do they work? How do the different components work together to form a computer? What is a computer? Basically everything you have got so far in class.




Ms. Brewster

Revision CPU test

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