Homework Assigments


Good morning (GCSE Computer Science only),

Your homework is to complete the python club class. Be mindful we have made a few mistakes with the last program. Please TRY debugging the program yourself. This means that no one will copy Viet his work. There are many ways of solving the problem, so no one should have the same answers. This is about practicing your skills to become an independent programmer. A skill you will need to complete your controlled assessment.

Remember to use computational thinking to break down the problem into smaller steps. Show evidence in your exercise books of applying computational thinking as well as solving the problem.

Exercise Area of a Field

Create a program that reads the length and width of a farmer’s field from the user in feet. Display the area of the field in acres. Hint: There are 43,560 square feet in an acre.

Exercise Area of a Room

Write a program that asks the user to enter the width and length of a room. Once the values have been read, your program should compute and display the area of the room. The length and the width will be entered as floating point numbers. Include units in your prompt and output message; either feet or meters, depending on which unit you are more comfortable working with.

Exercise Bottle Deposits

In many jurisdictions a small deposit is added to drink containers to encourage people to recycle them. In one particular jurisdiction, drink containers holding one liter or less have a $0.10 deposit, and drink containers holding more than one liter have a $0.25 deposit. Write a program that reads the number of containers of each size from the user. Your program should continue by computing and displaying the refund that will be received for returning those containers. Format the output so that it includes a dollar sign and always displays exactly two decimal places

Exercise Tax and Tip

The program that you create for this exercise will begin by reading the cost of a meal ordered at a restaurant from the user. Then your program will compute the tax and tip for the meal. Use your local tax rate when computing the amount of tax owing. Compute the tip as 18 percent of the meal amount (without the tax). The output from your program should include the tax amount, the tip amount, and the grand total for the meal including both the tax and the tip. Format the output so that all the values are displayed using two decimal places.


Ms. Brewster


In your next lesson we’ll be looking at a war that occurred in heaven before the creation of our world, the first battle in eternity’s history, and the most consequential.
For your writing task we will – fill a blank Question Card with a question that you would ask God about the very beginning of time as we know it, even before the world was created.
Homework Activity
Think of that question
Be ready to write it down at the start of our next lesson.
Think about how God might answer your question too.

(who, what, when, where, Why and how is a guide if you are stuck for ideas).


We are aiming to complete all 10 observational study pages to a high quality.
Sam pages 8, 17, 18, set for homework due Friday.
Carl pages 7, 20, 21 set for homework due Friday.
Carlos pages 7, 13, 19 set for homework due Friday.
• Good tonal balance
• Sensitive mark making
• Accurate outline
• Symmetrical accuracy
• The observation for development needs to be in colour.


Illustrate your version of an effective a Metaphor for God. Remember the example in class today that illustrated God as a Bridge over troubled waters.
How will you begin?
It might help if you think of a phrase to describe God.
You could research images to match that phrase to see how artists have approach that same phrase.
Research in art club on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes between 1.30-2.55.

Your image must fit an A4 sheet.
Could be black and white or colour.
Could use any dry or wet medium.

This is not a digital homework you work must be created by hand not on a computer.


Complete the second ‘broken equilibrium’ in colour this time.
Use any medium.
Your design can be completed in two colours (mono) or a range of colours.
You can work in any medium for example colouring pencils, felt tips, pastels, highlighters, watercolour pencils etc.


Complete the second ‘broken equilibrium’ composition in colour this time.
Use any medium.
Your design can be completed in two colours (mono) or a range of colours.
You can work in any medium for example colouring pencils, felt tips, pastels, highlighters, watercolour pencils etc.


Art Homework
Research a still life collage image via the Internet and/or library books.
Log on to the internet; search Google – Images for a still-life collage.
Or find a collage image in a library book and ask the librarian to scan it and print it for you.
1. Copy the image into a word document.
2. Include the name of the artist.
3. Include the title of the work and the year the work was made.
4. Describe the image in detail.
5. Research the discipline (the process used to make this piece of art) of art to see how many different types of collaging techniques there are.
6. Write a paragraph using your own words to describe what you know about different types of collage.
7. State (say what is) your favourite type of collage.


Good afternoon,

The homework it to answer the following questions:

  1.  Research the GUI for windows, Mac Os and Linux operating systems and identify the similarities and differences between them.
  2. Research the features of the four most common distribution of Linux – Ubuntu, Mint, Debian and Fedora- and write down what you think the strengths and weaknesses of each are.

The following students are presenting:

Philip – Drivers

Carlos – Drivers

Dillon – The Fetch-Execute cycle

Destiny – The Fetch – Execute cycle


Ms. Brewster


Good afternoon,

The homework is to complete the timeline and to research the internal hardware depicted on the sheet given in class.




Ms. Brewster


Good afternoon,

The homework is to decode the following jokes using the ASCII table. The table will be emailed to you.

What kind of guns do bees use?

01000010 01100101 01100101 01000010 01100101 01100101 00100000 01100111 01110101 01101110 01110011

What do you call a Bee who is having a bad hair day?

01000001 00100000 01000110 01010010 01001001 01010011 01000010 01000101 01000101 00100001

Why do bees have sticky hair?

01001000 01101111 01101110 01100101 01111001 00101101 01100011 01101111 01101101 01100010 01110011 00100001

What do you get when you cross a sheep and a bee?

01000001 00100000 01100010 01100001 01101000 00101101 01101000 01110101 01101101 01100010 01110101 01100111 00101110


Ms. Brewster