Homework Assigments


Complete the Paint.net development started in class today in response to the style of both of your study artists. We will move to another stage of graphic development tomorrow.


Complete worksheet two (this has been emailed to you again). It is the same artist with a different composition.

Key elements:
List the element using Microsoft word (any font but the finished work must fit on one sheet).

Describe the painting in detail (Explain what you think this painting represents, what does it look like).

Create a story about the image (Be imaginative explore what the image could represent visually then explain the objects from a personal perspective.

Copy the image.
There is a small box on the sheet. Print the sheet first then using colouring and drawing materials.
Make an exact copy of the work.


Research and save all of the items you will need to complete this photo-montage into a word document do not worry about the correct size at this stage but the perspective is very important you must think carefully in a measured way when selecting your objects.
Study the Paint.net tutorial in preparation for next lesson.


Design a blessing leaf styled bookmark.
Look at examples on line by entering a search in the search engine for ‘blessing leaf’ and then create your own image and write your own wording.


Complete a media exploration of one of your observational drawings.
Use any medium or mixed media.
Use any surface.

If you choose to use a surface do not stick the work into your books, bring it in loose.


Good afternoon 10x,

Your homework for English literature is to conduct research on Seamus Heaney (and his work). This is due next class.


Ms Brewster


Prepare for an oral presentation on a topic of your choice.

  • Write it >>> summarise it into keywords/points >>> practice speaking it
  • Plan the oral presentation around 3 minutes in duration.


Good afternoon year 9,

Your homework is to go over all recommendations given in your book. Make the corrections using green ink. Complete all outstanding homework as well as classwork.

You will need to present your file format presentation during class next week. Make sure all group members participate and you have a PowerPoint presentation answering all the basic questions as well as give additional information on your findings. The presentation should be no longer, but no shorter than 5 min.

Both the presentation as well as your exercise book corrections will go towards your GPA.


Ms. Brewster


Good afternoon year 7,

You have received back your exercise books. Make sure that you go through your books and reply to my recommendations in green ink. Complete all outstanding work (classwork as well as homework).

The homework for next class is:

Exercise 2.1.1 until 2.2.2 (see map for exercise 2.2.2, also available in your email)

These can be found on page 14 until page 19


Ms. Brewster


Finish WWI poster on your given topic.

Graded assignment.