Homework Assigments


English Language        25 May 2018

Paper 2 Question 5

Aim: To construct a convincing argument

Visit http://www.englishbiz.co.uk/mainguides/argue.htm

  • Read carefully.
  • Make notes.
  • Use the knowledge gained from visiting this site to write an effective response to the sample Paper 2 Question 5 below.
  • Conduct any additional research needed for your article.


‘It is the responsibility of the State to look after the sick and the elderly.’ Write an article for a broadsheet newspaper in which you argue for or against this statement.

(24 marks for content and organisation and 16 marks for technical accuracy)

[40 marks]



For the end of year exam you have to revise all the vocabualary and grammar form pages 18-71, paying particular attention to the speaking and writing exercises.


For the end of year exam you have to revise the vocabulary and grammar we did starting with page 18 and up to page 69, paying particular atttention to the speaking and writing exercises.


Finish 1b/66 and 2/66 (your HW for today) and then do 4 and 5/67.
Learn the new words in the text on page 66 and revise units 1-4 for the end of year exam (p.18-71).


Do ex. 2/104 ( for each of the times mentioned in the table write a question and an answer), 4/105 (copy inserting the correct words and then translate the text) and 5/105.

For the end of year test, you have to revise everything we have done in class since September:unit 1 (page 6-18 and 24-25);unit 2 (page 26-36 and42-43); unit 3 (page 44-54 and 60-61); unit 4 (page 62-72 and 78-79); unit 5 (page 80-90 and 96-97) and unit 6 (page 98-108 and 114-115).


Good afternoon year 7,

Your end of year topics are:

Social impact of ICT

Memory and computer performance

Binary conversions

Computational thinking

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.


Ms. Brewster


Good afternoon year 9,

Your end of year topics are:

Hardware (CPU, input- output devices, storage etc…)




Python programming

Please email me for any questions or concerns.


Ms. Brewster


The International Schools Association is looking for the next drawing to go on the programme covers for three of their very popular Sports competitions: Swimming, Triathlon, and Athletics (2018-19).
Your homework task (year 7, 8, 9 and all of year 10)
Produce an A4 drawing, collage or painting.
The image must be turned portrait way up.

The winning image will be selected for the front cover of the 2018 National swimming Championships programme and 2019 Athletics and Triathlon programmes.
The artist and artist’s school will be acknowledged. Runners-up will also be featured inside the programme. Copies will go to the event spectators – more than 1,200 of them in total. The winners and runners-up will also receive their own copy of the programme. You can then say your artwork has been published in the UK.


Good afternoon year 8,

The end of the year exam topics are:

Network Topologies

Logic gates/Truth tables

Sorting algorithms


Python programming



Ms. Brewster



Ex. 5 and 6/103 (pay attention-you have to write 2 paragraphs one about Sophie and one about Laurent, using the information given in the 2 boxes).