Homework Assigments


All content seen in class throughout half-term 2.


Write 11 concise (short, succinct) sentences using a key word from the list below. The context must be about religion. I have emailed blank sheets for you to practice on.
Punctuation – ensure your sentences have comas, full-stops and capital letters where needed.
Grammar – ensure your sentences are complete and make sense grammatically.
Clear definition – show evidence in your writing that you fully understand the key term.
Discernible – visible
Transcendent – heavenly
Supernatural – paranormal
Omnipotent – all powerful
Omniscient – all knowing
Omnipresent – universal
Originator – creator
Doctrine – principle
Atheists – non believers in God
Sceptics – cynics or doubters
Synergetic – combined effort being greater than the effort of a singular


All sketchbook pages should be completed to a high standard ready for marking again on Friday.

Homework Objective
Draw or paint your own sunrise or sunset. Use any medium wet or dry, even make up or nail varnish can be used to render you work and give it more visual impact.

1. Show monochromatic colours.
2. Show background aspects like sky in paler hues.
3. Show foreground aspects like trees, or buildings with brighter hues.


Good afternoon year 7,

You need to complete the outstanding homework as well as classwork.

Work to be completed for next week is all exercises up until 2.28 of unit 2.


Ms. Brewster


Good afternoon year 8,

I have corrected your homework. The work is incomplete in many of your books. I have noticed that many of you just wrote down the answers without trying it for yourself. If you do not understand how to properly execute pseudocode you will not succeed in programming.

You need to consider the right indentations

You need to consider your capital letters

And you need to consider your loops

I will come to school on Monday for the pupils who need extra help. Please see me during the lunch break. You will be in charge of your own learning. Lesson 1 and lesson 2 will go towards your GPA. If you do not do any corrections you homework as well as classwork grade will be a 0. If you know that you did not do the work on your own do it again, as I will know who attempted it and who did not.

This week’s homework:

Create a pseudocode for getting to school on time

Rewrite the pseudocode with an if statement: If you miss the buss you need to wait for the next bus to come.

Rewrite second pseudocode and include a while loop for walking. See lesson 2 example of the game and picking up coins.

I need to see 3 different pseudocodes in your books.

I need to see corrections with green ink of lesson 1 and lesson 2

The work needs to be completed by the next class.


Ms. Brewster


Produce two explorations of idea 1 on each sheet of watercolour paper.
There should be one drawing and one painting completed.
Use any medium or mixed-media in the style of your study artists.
Paint or colour the edges of your sketchbook page to create a pleasing background/frame for your work.
Stick the A4 explorations into the media exploration section of your sketchbooks.
Stick your A4 developments into the developments section of your sketchbooks.

Art club is running on Mondays and Wednesdays 3.30-5pm.


Practise writing your new key terms in a sentence that relates to the war in heaven story.
Print this sheet when completed and bring it to your next lesson.

• Five sentences showing how the term can be used through the war in heaven story.
• Spell words correctly.
• Use correct punctuation and grammar.
• Present work neatly.

Key Terms
Falsehood, misrepresentation, myth.

Anointed Cherub
Highest of all created beings. Stands in the light of the presence of God.

Great Controversy
A really big argument between Satan and God. This argument was about the character of God, His law, and His sovereignty over the universe.

Sin, evil actions or thoughts.

Opponent, enemy, rival, challenger.


Practise writing your new key terms in a sentence that relates to the Joseph story.
Produce four grammatically correct sentences on the sheet provided in class today or you may prefer to hand write your homework. I have updated the criteria and emailed this page to you.
• Four sentences showing how the term can be used through the Joseph story.
• Spell words correctly.
• Use correct punctuation and grammar.
• Present work neatly.

Key Terms
Physical or psychological pain and distress.

Steady and continued action or belief, usually over a long period and especially despite difficulties or setbacks.

The set of qualities that make somebody or something distinctive, especially somebody’s qualities of mind and feeling.

To have a belief that something will happen or be true, especially something that seems possible or likely.


Revise the sheet emailed to you today for a test next week.


Good afternoon year 10 (CS only),

It may seem like a lot, but remember that your GCSE requires you to know 5 units by heart per paper. You have 2 papers. The sooner you start to study the more likely you are to remember everything. With many more subject to pass, I do not want you to stress about computer science in year 11. There will be no python test so study hard and do your best.

Next week Thursday 06-12-18 you have a computer science test on:

Unit 1

All chapter

( I will not ask you many questions, just a few that should demonstrate your overall knowledge of the unit)

Unit 2


An introduction on the internet

IP addressing

Domain names

The domain name system

Mac addressing

Wide area networks

Local area networks

Network topologies

Network hardware

Transmission media


Factors affecting network performance


The transatlantic cable


You have already watched the video, you only need to look into the summary and the foundation for today to be prepared for the test.


The video

The summary

The foundation for today



Ms. Brewster