Homework Assigments


“One day this veil before our eyes will be removed, and we “shall see Him face to face” (1 Corinthians 13:12).
This is an interesting bible quote, I chose it because it challenged me to think about all those times when God could have been stood right in front of my eyes if I only had that special relationship with God, I would see him every time. It is one thing for me to speak with God while hearing His words answering me so clearly in my mind and quite another to see Him face to face.
When I remember the bible story where Moses was stood in the presence of God and he was told by God that he could not look upon God’s face and that he could only look when Gods back was turned. It made we ponder (consider) how was it then safe to gaze upon God’s back. In my own mind I justified this conundrum by imagining that an extremely bright light may have been emanating from Gods eyes so brightly that it would have blinded Moses like an eclipse if it caught his mortal stare. But if he or indeed I were a supernatural being we might have a similar light radiating from our eyes too so the impact of God’s light would be cancelled out. For this reason I look forward to the day when I shall revel in the experience of seeing Him face to face.
Your Homework Task
Take a pen and paper and in your exercise books, copy down your favourite quote.
Share your quote with you family and friends and note their comments. Think about why you chose this particular quote. Why do you like it or perhaps you find it challenging.
Then write a half page essay using the following format.
My favourite Bible quote is …
The reason it is my favourite quote is because… or
The reason I found it challenging is because…


Translate 1b/54
Do 2a and 2b/54
Look up the words in the text on page 55, write them and their translation down.
Learn page 54 for the test.


Let us compile as many moral dilemmas that teens may face as we can.

For example A non-cool new kid comes in to our class think about how we could react to him or her?

Write two responses:

One that chooses God’s way
One that chooses Lucifer’s way.

This short essay must be hand written.
At least half a page but no more than one page.
Provide a detailed description of a moral dilemma (can include small images).
Show Gods way and Lucifers way.


Copy, do and translate ex. 5 and 6/63.

Learn all the vocabulary on page 62 for the test, especially the questions and answers in ex. 3/62 and all the words in 1/62.


Art FIE – complete the artist studies if this was still outstanding and/or complete the copy of your artists work.
Art Secondary school – complete your next cubist composition.


Good afternoon year 11,

Make sure you do not forget to attend the last intervention class this Sunday starting at 10am.


Ms. Brewster


Good afternoon year 9,

Make sure all your key terms are defined. See attachment or email for details.Algorithm key terms


Ms. Brewster


Good afternoon guys,

Make sure your homework is completed for the 28th of February. Your homework is any given classwork that is not complete. See the following attachments to check if you have done it all.

Binary to Denary Conversion

Binary Lesson 1 worksheet

Binary LA



Ms. Brewster


Your Hw for Tuesday is ex. 3/52 (copy, do and translate); look up the words in the text on page 53 and write them down in your notebook along with their translation, do ex. 6a/53.
Learn the vocabulary on page 52 and in the text on page 53 for the test.


Dear students,
Please check your books and where you find IW (incomplete work) please add the translation of the French words if you want a full grade for classwork.

Your HW for Friday is to look up the words in ex. 6 adn write them down in your notebooks in order to be able to do ex. 6a and 6b.Answer in writing the questions from ex. 7 and be ready for a vocabulary test from pages 52-53.