Homework Assigments


9Y PHSE: Answer all the bullet points


The drugs trade is a chain of production, trafficking (illegal dealing) and using illegal drugs.

Investigate the realities of the drugs trade including:

■ who the winners and the losers are in this chain

■ who takes the risks and who reaps the benefits

■ how this chain encourages the use of violence around the world

■ what the links are to international terrorism.


9X PHSE- Answer all the questions

Drugs In Sports

Investigate the issues around the use of performance enhancing substances in sport and report on:

■ why such drugs are banned

■ what the health implications of using performance-enhancing drugs are

■ what the career consequences are if a professional sports person is caught using such drugs

■ examples of cases where this has happened and the consequences for the people involved.


Expo 1 workbook: complete p.24 & 25

Expo 1 textbook: Revise vocabulary p.60 & 61 for GPA test


EXPO 2 Rouge textbook: Revise vocabulary for end of unit agpa test (p.58-59)

Complete Extension tasks from Tuesday’s lesson

complete ex 1/50, ex 2/50, ex 3/53, ex 1/54 (Choose the correct menaing for each French word) ex 5/55 (Write the person’s name and decide if they are for or against school uniform)



French Workbook p.59-61


French Speaking & writing GPA test


Revise Vocabulary for French GPA test: p.58-59 in textbook


Revise meaning of the words below for your End of unit GPA test.

Community: a group of people who live near each other in a local area; who share common beliefs/ways of life

Councillor: a person elected to sit on a Council

Election: a way of choosing someone for a particular position by  voting

Policy: a course of action that people plan to carry out

Services: jobs done by the local council to benefit the locals

Monarchy: a system of government in which a king or queen plays an important part in running the country

Democracy: a system of govenrment where people regularly elect their leaders and have a say in the way a country is governed.

Government: the group of people who run the country

Parliament: the place where people meet to discuss important issues, make laws and questi0n the government about the way it is running the country

Member of Parliament: Some who is elected to sit in Parliament to represent the people who voted for them (MP)

Prime Minister: The leader of a government. Theresa May (PM)

Citizen: an inhabitant of a particular town or city.


Year 7 Homework

Research for 2 composers, Dvorak and Jancek

Email submission due by Sunday 10pm on the 29th of January

Email your work to jahn@spsch.org

Research for two composers, Dvorak and Janacek and make Power point presentation for each of them: 3 – 5 slides for each poser.

Power Point Presentation to be included:

  • Where they come from
  • When they lived
  • What made them famous
  • What kind of music they composed
  • Etc

Once you finished you need to send it to Miss Ahn by email before Sunday 10pm. When it is received you will receive a receipt email.

After you finish your work prepare for your presentation on Monday the 30th of January during the music lesson. You will be asked to present only one of the composers. Your good presentation skill is required.

Best wishes!




Higher level: Search on the Internet info about the Fundamental Values of your country and describe them (50-100 words paragraph).

Lower Level: Search on the Internet info about the Fundamental Values of your country and describe them (up to 50 words).

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