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Date Due: 11 / 11 / 2016

English Literature            Pride and Prejudice         Posted 8 November 2016

Due 11 November 2016

Read the extract carefully. Then answer the question: What does this scene between Mr. Collins and Elizabeth tell us about gender and power?

Think about:

  • Mr. Collins’ view of himself
  • Elizabeth’s reaction
  • How Mr. Collins sounds to you
  • Mr. Collins’ reasons for marrying
  • The things he tells Elizabeth while he is proposing
  • The things he tells her to change her mind after she has refused him
  • The way he reacts to her refusal
  • Your opinion of both characters based on what they say and do
  • You thoughts about why the writer allows the characters to do and say what they do and say here
  • The connotations of specific words and phrases and explore the effect on the reader
  • how context influences the characters’ behaviour and speech
  • Extract: can be found in your school email

  • Source: http://art-bin.com/art/opride19x21.html

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