Homework Assignment Details


Date Due: 09 / 11 / 2017

You have been told to do the past reading and listening papers starting with June…I asked you to do them during the holiday and some of you still complain that you did not do them because I did not post the HW here. So here it is for Friday you have to do the reading and listening papers for year 2014, for Monday year 2015 and for Friday year 2016. For each reading paper I want 2 sets of answers: one without you looking up in the dictionary and the second after you look up the words. You also have to check your answers before you hand them in.You will find the link to the past papers in thye link I sent you on e-mail today.

You also have to look up the words in the text on page 130 for Friday.

Learn the vocabulary and grammar on pages 128-129 for the test.
With one exception to the rule, all of you have to hand in ex. 5 and 6 on page 129 which you faild to do for today. If I don’t receive them you will have another demerit and a detention to do them.

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